Events in and around Covent Garden

F Event is free of charge (sometimes a donation is appreciated)
B Pre-Booking required.


Special Events in over the next 14 days

Mon 19th FebInnovation and Technology – Art or Science? F B
Technology is moving faster than it has ever done before. Since the days of Alan Turing we’ve seen computers go from the size of a room to something that can fit easily in our pockets.
Mon 19th FebOur Automated Future: utopia or dystopia? B
For the younger generations considering their future career options, are the technological advances transforming the way we work something to be afraid of or excited by?
Mon 19th FebVideo games: women in digital worlds B
Video games: a series of talks exploring the relationship between video games, history and culture.
Mon 19th FebDo you live in a senseable city? B
Architect and engineer Carlo Ratti will discuss how the layers of networks and digital information that blanket urban space are radically transforming the ways in which we understand and design cities.
Mon 19th FebThe Thirty Years' War: why did it take so long to make peace? B
Historian Peter H Wilson, University of Oxford, examines the Thirty Years' War (1618–1648), Europe’s most destructive conflict prior to the two world wars in the 20th century.
Mon 19th FebSci Fi Sessions:Gareth Powell and E.J. Swift B
Sci-Fi Sessions is a monthly event showcasing the most mind-expanding, thought-provoking, and imaginative science fiction, fantasy, and horror writing.
Mon 19th FebStorytelling and Politics: How History, Myths and Narratives Drive Our Decisions B
A lecture by Mark Laity, one of NATO's foremost experts and thinkers on communications and a former BBC Defence Correspondent.
Mon 19th FebBones to Bytes: Curating the Chinese Collections at the Library B
Sara Chiesura, Lead Curator of East Asian Collections, introduces items from the Library’s Chinese collection and discusses how they are stored, shared and preserved for future generations.
Tue 20th FebInsight into political careers B
This event has been organised to give young people who identify as Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic an insight into the different roles within politics.
Tue 20th FebBig mind: How collective intelligence can change our world B
Geoff Mulgan will reveal how collective intelligence can guide corporations, governments, universities, and societies to make the most of human brains and digital technologies.
Tue 20th FebUtility Furniture and Fashion 1940s-1950s B
​Explore the development of design during the austerity of WWII and post-war Britain.
Tue 20th FebIf Humans Are So Great, Why is the World Such a Mess? B
This lecture looks at our changing understanding of ourselves, focussing on Charles Darwin’s theory of human origins and the religious, scientific and ethical questions raised.
Wed 21st FebTheatre Censorship: Still Alive and Kicking? B
This panel discussion, chaired by Jodie Ginsberg (Index on Censorship), will include contributions from experts from across the sector.
Wed 21st FebBeveridge in Context: reconstruction planning during the Second World War and after B
Academics from the Department of International History at LSE will reassess the 1942 Beveridge Report in the light of German, American, and British planning for reconstruction after World War II.
Wed 21st FebThe History of Wapping, Whitechapel and Mile End in the 18th Century B
Derek Morris aims to help family historians find records in Wapping, Whitechapel and Mile End.
Wed 21st FebThe Matter of the Heart - Thomas Morris B
Author Thomas Morris will discuss some stories from this eponymously titled book, focusing on the contribution of London hospitals in the period between 1800 and 1930.
Wed 21st FebAsthma and Chronic Airways Disease B
This lecture will consider trends and advances in these two diseases, and the chronic genetic lung disease cystic fibrosis.
Wed 21st FebTrump: How to understand an unconventional President B
Join an expert panel as they dissect the triumphs and pitfalls of Trump’s first year in charge.
Wed 21st FebThe Future of Surveillance Cameras in the UK F B
A public question and answer session on the future of surveillance cameras in the UK
Thu 22nd FebThe Future of Work B
This panel session debatea what Beveridge 2.0 would involve for work and how work could change in the future, to provoke a broader discussion on what is happening with work today.
Thu 22nd FebFutureshocks: systems B
Part of a series of talks exploring technology and our urban futures in partnership with DLA Piper and the Guardian.
Thu 22nd FebThe Future of Ageing B
This panel discusses how ageing could come to dominate the giant issue of health and social care, and potentially all areas of the welfare state.
Thu 22nd FebBlueprint for Welfare? The Beveridge Report and the Making of the Welfare State B
The lecture will review the content and context of the Beveridge Report and explain why it is of enduring importance.
Thu 22nd FebPrecarious States: political economies of care B
Where is welfare now coming from? What can anthropological research bring to debates about a new social contract for the 21st century?
Thu 22nd FebLunch Hour Lecture - Understanding sleep and sleeplessness: can science and cultural history be used together? B
So, is it possible to combine science with literary and cultural history to understand sleep better?
Thu 22nd FebBig Ben: ticking through time F B
A new series of free morning talks on Big Ben and the Elizabeth Tower will be held monthly.
Thu 22nd FebThe Turntable Revolution B
Colleen Murphy tracks the groovy story of evolution of the record player, from Edison’s phonograph and Berliner’s Gramophone through to the portable Dansette and the weird and wonderful world audiophile high-end turntables.
Fri 23rd Feb Tea Time at China Exchange: A market celebrating all things tea F
Join us at tea market to celebrate all things tea, from tea pots and tea leaves, to books and decorative items, so join us and find your favourite cuppa. (Cost: 0)
Fri 23rd FebUK’s Military Tracked Vehicles, Past, Present and Future F B
Hear Dr Marcus Potter from BAE Systems explain how tracked military vehicles have evolved to meet current needs.
Fri 23rd FebRiverBlue: can fashion save the planet? B
The film explores the links between consumption of fast fashion in the West and its production in developing countries, with knock on effects on water pollution.


Recurring Events in over the next 14 days

Sun 18th FebThe Barbican Conservatory F
Visit the second biggest Conservatory in London (Cost: 0)
Tue 20th FebSomerset House: The Old Palaces Tour F
A tour exploring the history of the site before the current building existed. (Cost: Free)
Tue 20th FebThe Old Palace Tour F
A free guided tour exploring the history of the site before the current building existed. (Cost: 0)
Sat 24th FebHistorical Highlights of Somerset House F
A guided tour around the historic Somerset House including the vaults under the main forecourt. (Cost: Free)
Sun 25th FebThe Barbican Conservatory F
Visit the second biggest Conservatory in London (Cost: 0)
Tue 27th FebSomerset House: The Old Palaces Tour F
A tour exploring the history of the site before the current building existed. (Cost: Free)
Tue 27th FebThe Old Palace Tour F
A free guided tour exploring the history of the site before the current building existed. (Cost: 0)
Wed 28th FebNew London Neighbourhood Tour - Covent Garden B
A new walk for 2017, join NLA as we explore one of London’s most exciting and densely populated residential, retail and office neighbourhoods, anchored around one of London’s most visited sites, C
Sat 3rd MarHistorical Highlights of Somerset House F
A guided tour around the historic Somerset House including the vaults under the main forecourt. (Cost: Free)
Sat 3rd Mar All that Jazz! - Walking Tour B
This walk explores nearly 100 years of jazz history in the West End, from the arrival of the first Americans in 1919 and the development of Jazz in Britain during the interwar years, stopping at many
Sun 4th MarThe Barbican Conservatory F
Visit the second biggest Conservatory in London (Cost: 0)
Sun 4th MarCovent Garden Photography Walk B
Brush up your photography with a Covent Garden photography walk.
Sun 4th MarThe River Fleet (from Blackfriars To St Pancras) Guided Walking Tour With Author Paul Talling B
'Paul Talling is a connoisseur of these lost waterways' - BBC The One Show A detailed 3 1/2 hour guided walking tour of the lower part of the River Fleet's course, London's most well known lost riv


Routine Events in over the next 14 days

Sun 18th FebHiro Takenouchi & Sinfonia Cymru B
Japanese pianist Hiro Takenouchi will be joined by members of Sinfonia Cymru in an evening of piano sextets by Sterndale Bennett and Mendelssohn
Mon 19th FebSir Richard Arnold, Visiting Professor at Westminster Law School, Second Annual Lecture for the Centre for Law, Society and Popular Culture, ‘Issues B
Sir Richard Arnold: Annual Lecture, Centre for Law, Society and Popular Culture Sir Richard Arnold ‘Issues and developments in entertainment law: an intellectual property perspective’   Date 1
Mon 19th FebICS Networking Meeting B
Program 12:30pm sandwiches and refreshments  1:00pm Dr Shanie Budhram-Mahadeo (Pre-clinical and Fundamental Science) A Novel Regulator that links Metabolic Dysfunction to Cardiovascular Disease
Mon 19th FebThe Khaki University of Canada - A Great Innovation B
Diana Beaupre, Independent scholar, Diana Beaupré and Adrian Watkinson are independent researchers who specialise in the lives of the Canadians who died during the First World War and are commemorate
Mon 19th FebCEL: Visible Hands: Government Regulation and International Business Responsibility B
Co-organised by the UCL Centre for Ethics and Law and UCL Global Governance Institute Speaker: Professor Knudsen (Tufts University) About the lecture:A growing number of states are regulating t
Mon 19th FebUndergraduate Exam Workshop (Monday 19 February) B
Spring Workshop Week 2017/18Department of Politics, Birkbeck College A session on sitting exams at Birkbeck for undergraduate students
Mon 19th FebZimbabwe after the Mugabe era B
A panel discussion with leading experts to address the current political situation in Zimbabwe after the removal of Robert Mugabe
Mon 19th FebVisible Hands: Government Regulation and International Business Responsibility
Jette Steen Knudsen, Shelby Collum Davis Professor of International Bus, Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, Tufts Univer, Jette Steen Knudsen is Shelby Collum Davis Professor of International Busin (Cost: 0)
Mon 19th FebProspect Book Club - Shami Chakrabarti B
If a Martian visited Earth they would be struck immediately by the imbalance in the way the sexes were treated—across different cultures
Mon 19th FebWho Cares? Women, Care and Welfare B
This exhibition draws on LSE Library’s collections and looks at women’s roles in caring positions in society and how these have been shaped, exploited and challenged
Mon 19th FebIdentity and the Welfare State: evolving challenges for sustaining social solidarity B
Central to the promise of the Beveridge Report is the assumption of social solidarity: we need a cohesive society to support social protection, and the resulting shared safety net should increase cohe
Mon 19th FebThe Five Giants and the Ministers who Made a Difference B
Five tools and massive programmes were adopted to tackle Beveridge's "Five Giants": A policy of full employment; a National Health Service; a massively extended system of education; a new ho
Mon 19th FebBeveridge's Sixth Giant B
Beveridge's "Five Giants" remain central issues in discussions about the welfare state today, but there are also new challenges that have emerged since the 1940s
Mon 19th FebThe Road towards the United States of Europe, Europe 2025. The Importance of the Italian Election B
Right after Brexit the European Union seemed doomed
Mon 19th FebUCL Chamber Music Club Concert B
A celebration of Debussy in the centenary year of his death, including his Violin Sonata, Syrinx for solo flute, piano music and songs
Mon 19th FebThe Beveridge Years And Beyond: campus tour B
Where was “the empire on which the concrete never set”? Who worked on Houghton Street in 1940? What did LSE do in the Second World War? Campus tours will run throughout the week of the LSE
Mon 19th FebLSE Festival Research Competition Exhibition B
You’re invited! Explore the public exhibition of LSE student and staff research competition entries during the LSE Festival
Mon 19th FebChina: Art, War and Salvation, 1933-1949 B
After the founding of the Chinese Communist Party in 1921, many artists and intellectuals in China saw the overthrow of ‘tradition’ as the means to rescue the nation from poverty and backwardness
Mon 19th FebDoctoral Students Open Day 2018: 19th Century Collections B
The British Library holds the world's pre-eminent collection of manuscript, archival, digital and print sources for the study of 19th century Britain and Ireland, in both domestic and international co
Tue 20th FebCIN - How To Sort Out Crypto Taxes And Protect Your Profits B
The location will be in central London, the exact venue will be updated soon
Tue 20th Feb(Dis)ease of the i-Mortal | Near-Future Fictions Vol. 04 B
Virtual Futures presents Near-Future Fictions Vol
Tue 20th FebLaura Bates - Misogynation: The True Scale of Sexism B
Feminist, activist and bestselling author Laura Bates joins us to once again shine a light on the gender inequality lurking in the shadows of our society with her new collections of essays Misogynati
Tue 20th FebSpotlight on Chechnya: Kadyrov’s crackdown on human rights B
The Foreign Policy Centre and Civil Rights Defenders are organising an important seminar to shine a spotlight on the deteriorating human rights situation in the Russian Republic of Chechnya
Tue 20th FebPostgraduate Exam Workshop B
Spring Workshop Week 2017/18Department of Politics, Birkbeck College, A session on sitting exams at Birkbeck for postgraduate students
Tue 20th FebDiaspora Community Leaders Roundtable B
Africa Security Forum (UK) is pleased to invite you with the support of our Member of Parliament, Chi Onwurah, Shadow Minister for Industrial Strategy, Science & Innovation and Labour MP for New
Tue 20th FebBentham and the Arts seminar series: Who was the greater Champion of literature, Bentham or Mill?
Professor Anthony Julius, Chair in Law and the Arts, UCL Abstract available from the Eventbrite registration page at https://www (Cost: 0)
Tue 20th FebCitizen's Basic Income Day B
The Citizen's Basic Income Day will take place at the LSE on Tuesday 20th February 2018, and it will unfold in three parts: a morning session, an afternoon session, and an evening debate
Tue 20th FebDrugs policy think forum: high time to legalise cannabis? B
Bright Blue's Drugs policy think forum: high time to legalise cannabis?  Later this year, cannabis will be fully legalised in Canada, following a similar move by Uruguay in 2017
Tue 20th FebEmirates Diaries: The Evolution of the United Arab Emirates B
Peter Clark reveals what life was like in 1980s Abu Dhabi as the United Arab Emirates began its journey towards becoming a world economic power‭, ‬tourist destination and cultural hotspot‭
Tue 20th FebAuthority and Affect in Immigration Detention: A Critical Account B
The International Refugee Law Seminar Series, sponsored by the Refugee Law Initiative at the School of Advanced Study, University of London, provides a public space for discussion, promotion and disse


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