Exhibition: The Remnants by Anton Alvarez

This exhibition runs from Mon, 7th Mar 2022 to Tue, 28th Feb 2023. See all dates

This event runs over several days/weeks. Dates include:

8th Aug 2022  
(8am - 6pm)
9th Aug 2022  
(8am - 6pm)
10th Aug 2022  
(8am - 6pm)
11th Aug 2022  
(8am - 6pm)
12th Aug 2022  
(8am - 6pm)
13th Aug 2022  
(8am - 6pm)
14th Aug 2022  
(8am - 6pm)

Cost: Free of Charge

An installation of six large-scale clay columns inspired by traditional architectural practices in Chile, by Swedish-Chilean artist Anton Alvarez.

(the exhibition is in an office foyer, but open to the public)

As part of the commission, Alvarez developed bespoke new pieces for The Extruder to enable the creation of the six sculptures, responding to the voluminous size of the reception area at 100 Bishopsgate, where the works are exhibited. The new, ten-tonne-strong, 50 centimeters wide version of the Extruder allows for larger quantities of clay to be pushed out.

The six sculptures were created by reappropriating clay that was used for artworks at the artist’s Roman Toothpaste MMXXI show at Vandalorum in Sweden. Alvarez ground down old sculptures and used the reformed clay to create the new works. Each column consists of between four and seven pieces of unfired clay sections stacked on top of each other, which the artist spray-painted in the premises in his vibrant palette of yellow, pink, bright blue, cream, lilac and orange.

The project marks a significant development in Alvarez’s practice, with the artist planning to reappropriate the six works comprising The Remnants by grinding them down again and reusing the clay for future exhibitions – a practice he may potentially be able to be repeat indefinitely, meaning his sculptures can be reborn multiple times.

Alongside the new works, created especially for Brookfield Properties, a curated selection of smaller fired clay sculptures is also on show, representing the artist’s different facets of working with The Extruder.


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