Exhibition: Suspect Objects Suspect Subjects

This exhibition CLOSED on Sat, 19th Jun 2021

This exhibition has finished.

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Cost: Free of Charge

Suspect Objects Suspect Subjects is a collection of works which questions, highlights and responds to the victimising of Muslim communities in the UK and around the world.

The exhibition addresses themes of government policy and monitoring, controlled identities and the cause and effect on individuals and subsequent impact on mental health. The artworks reflect on this fear and racism as contemporary social factors, political currency, and cultural memes. They target and immerse the viewer to echo the persistent attacks that surround Muslim communities, playing on the navigation of our reality and memory.

The use of advertising, installation, painting, sculpture, still and moving images explores the multi-faceted channels used to influence and fuel prejudice. Juxtapositions question the surreal ‘validity’ of suspicion and evoke humour, personal memory and the experiences of duality and difference.

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Brunei Gallery, SOAS,

Thornhaugh Street, London,

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