Exhibition: Stories in Colour: Waiting for Time

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Photographer Yamam Nabeel presents his latest photography series Stories in Colour: Waiting for Time.

Nabeel recorded the individual experiences of more than 50 Londoners and Berliners during the pandemic, documenting their reality. Subjects were interviewed and photographed using a modern mirrorless full-frame digital camera and a 1960’s medium-format Hasselblad 500cm analogue camera.

The photographer shot over 20 rolls of film and over 1,000 digital images. Subjects include an Intensive Care Unit consultant doctor from London’s St George’s Hospital, who was dealing with the pandemic from the frontline and was responsible for the planning of the response for South-West London; a Canadian journalist and author who was kidnapped in Afghanistan in 2008; and a homeless filmmaker who was sleeping rough on the streets of London for the first four weeks of lockdown.

The exhibition addresses how perception can manipulate our senses during the pandemic. As Londoners were told to ‘stay home’ a new reality took shape for everyone, resulting in a different story for each subject. In this brand new body of work, Nabeel explores the relationship between truth and fiction, between digital and analogue, colour and black and white photography, and ultimately the relationship between reality and perception.

Photos appear in full colour prints from the digital camera, adorning the public space at 99 Bishopsgate. Each photo is accompanied by a QR code, enabling the viewer to view the corresponding black and white analogue image, displayed virtually alongside the subject’s lockdown story. This digital component further plays with the idea of reality vs perception, taking visitors on a digital journey that utilises the contemporary experience of sharing artwork online, whilst giving the viewer the notion of being taken back in time to a previous era.

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