Exhibition: Feminine power - The divine to the demonic

This exhibition runs from Thu, 19th May 2022 to Sun, 25th Sep 2022. See all dates

This event runs over several days/weeks. Dates include:

15th Aug 2022  
(10am - 5pm)
16th Aug 2022  
(10am - 5pm)
17th Aug 2022  
(10am - 5pm)
18th Aug 2022  
(10am - 5pm)
19th Aug 2022  
(10am - 8:30pm)
20th Aug 2022  
(10am - 5pm)
21st Aug 2022  
(10am - 5pm)

Cost: £12

An exhibition that explores female spiritual beings in world belief and mythological traditions around the globe.

This exhibition brings together ancient sculpture, sacred artifacts and contemporary art from six continents to explore the diversity of ways in which femininity has been perceived across the globe, from the ancient world to today. It explores the embodiment of feminine power in deities, goddesses, demons, saints and other spiritual beings, associated with diverse areas of human experience, from wisdom, passion and nature, to war, mercy and justice.

For the first time, the British Museum has invited special guest contributors to respond to the themes in the exhibition, sharing their personal and professional viewpoints. The video and audio thought-pieces addressing each section will encourage discussion around the universal themes of the show. The contributions will conclude the exhibition alongside an area for visitors to share their responses as part of the conversation.

Through material culture this exhibition explores how the representation of feminine power in world belief and mythology has played – and continues to play – an important role in shaping global cultural attitudes towards women and gender identity.

Ian has visited - review here.

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