Exhibition: Ancient Greeks: Science and Wisdom

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Ancient Greek philosophers defined themselves as 'lovers of wisdom' and, for them, art, religion and science were inseparable. They turned to the gods and Muses for intellectual inspiration as they sought to understand the world around them and question its workings.

This jewel-like exhibition brings these ideas to life with historic treasures and take visitors on a journey from the mysterious depths of the sea to the wonderous night sky. Visitors can sail the perilous seas with the statue of Hermes, protector of travellers and merchants, that was discovered on a shipwreck off the island of Antikythera.

Visitors can revel in the buzz of ancient Greek life with the lost music of the aulos instrument through interactive displays and an exclusive video that reimagines its ancient sounds. You can even gaze at the starry cosmos through ancient Greek eyes with a beautiful and rare silver globe depicting the known constellations and a Byzantine sundial-calendar - the second oldest known geared mechanism in the world.

With modern technologies allowing us to travel through time like never before, visitors can also hear from scientists working today to shed new light on the ancient Greek world, in a series of exclusive short films.

Uncover new knowledge about the ancient Greeks through the latest scientific research and discover objects and artworks steeped in history, brought together in the UK for the first time.

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The exhibition features international loans from institutions including the National Archaeological Museum in Athens; Benaki Museum of Greek Culture; Musée du Louvre in Paris; Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna; the Nicolas and Alexis Kugel Collection; The Reiss Engelhorn Museum in Germany; Kunstsammlungen Antike der Ruhr-Universität Bochum; and the Reading Museum.

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