Exhibition: Trevor Paglen - From 'Apple' to 'Anomaly'

This exhibition runs from Thu, 26th Sep 2019 to Sat, 15th Feb 2020. See all dates

This event runs over several days/weeks. Dates include:

26th Sep 2019  
(11am - 9pm)  <– Today
27th Sep 2019  
(11am - 9pm)
28th Sep 2019  
(11am - 8pm)
29th Sep 2019  
(11am - 8pm)
30th Sep 2019  
(11am - 8pm)
1st Oct 2019  
(11am - 8pm)
2nd Oct 2019  
(11am - 8pm)

This exhibition has not opened yet. Will open on Thu, 26th Sep 2019

Cost: Free of Charge

Explore the underbelly of our digital world in this exhibition revealing the powerful, and often hidden, forces at play in artificial intelligence.

Artist Trevor Paglen’s new Curve commission takes as its starting point the way in which AI networks are taught how to ‘see’ and ‘perceive’ the world by taking a closer look at image datasets.

Paglen has incorporated approximately 30,000 individually printed photographs, largely drawn from ImageNet, the most widely shared, publicly available dataset. This dataset is archived and pre-selected in categories by humans, and widely used for training AI networks. In some cases, the connotations of categories are uncontroversial, others, for example ‘bad person’ or ‘debtors’, are not. These categories, when used in AI, suggest a world in which machines will be able to elicit forms of judgement against humankind.

Discover how the advent of autonomous computer vision and AI has developed, rife with hidden politics, biases and stereotypes.

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