Exhibition: The King's Man Experience

This exhibition runs from Sat, 15th Aug 2020 to Sat, 31st Oct 2020. See all dates

This event runs over several days/weeks. Dates include:

21st Oct 2020  
(10:30am - 3:30pm)
22nd Oct 2020  
(10:30am - 3:30pm)
23rd Oct 2020  
(10:30am - 3:30pm)
24th Oct 2020  
(10:30am - 3:30pm)
25th Oct 2020  
(10:30am - 3:30pm)
27th Oct 2020  
(10:30am - 3:30pm)
28th Oct 2020  
(10:30am - 3:30pm)

Coronavirus: Events may be cancelled and venues closed at short notice, you are advised to check on their websites before making a trip.

Cost: Free of Charge

Immerse yourself in the world of 'The King’s Man' and explore the history, legends, politics and people depicted in Disney’s new cinematic release.

The King’s Man Experience is an immersive exhibition featuring costumes, props and behind-the-scenes material from 'The King’s Man', an explosive new movie uncovering the origins of the fictional Kingsman organisation.

The film is set against the backdrop of the First World War, the costliest war the British Army has ever fought. This epic conflict also saw the Army expand to its greatest ever size, integrating millions of recruits from around the world into its ranks.

As the museum of the British soldier, the National Army Museum is the ideal setting for visitors to explore the war-time world of The King’s Man.

Through a powerful mix of sets, props and costumes, experience how the film brings to life concepts of war, espionage, bravery and sacrifice. Discover how these items are anchored in reality by viewing genuine artefacts within the Museum’s galleries. And share in the stories of the soldiers who served and gave their lives during the First World War.

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National Army Museum,

Royal Hospital Road, London,

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