Exhibition: Oxford House Nexus, An exhibition by Sarah-Jane Field, Keith Greenough and John Umney

This exhibition runs from Fri, 10th Nov 2017 to Wed, 29th Nov 2017. See all dates

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1. A central or focal point.
2. A connection or series of connections linking two or more things.

Ever since Oxford House was founded in 1884 by Keble College, University of Oxford, it has been a nexus for the residents in and around Bethnal Green. Initially conceived to “alleviate or remove the impact of poverty to the local community”, its history is rich and fascinating, and its connections with the surrounding area remain as significant as ever today.

Oxford House Nexus is a photographic exhibition which explores social relationships between Oxford House and its dynamic community across time. It is a collaboration between Sarah-Jane Field, Keith Greenough and John Umney.

Sarah-Jane Field’s work celebrates social progression and explores underlying assumptions we may have about education in general.

Keith Greenough’s photographs are a quiet tribute to the historic public buildings in Bethnal Green including Oxford House which have helped to shape the community’s collective history for more than a century.

John Umney gathers traces and marks from within the confines of Keble College as evidence of a sense of purpose and re-habituates these within contemporary Oxford House.

The exhibition runs from 10th-29th November 2017. All proceeds from the sales of prints will go to Oxford House to help fund the restoration of its historic building.

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