Exhibition: Neo-Romantic Illustrations in Britain 1943-1955

This exhibition runs from Sat, 24th Feb 2018 to Sun, 20th May 2018. See all dates

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This exhibition has finished.

Cost: £6

This temporary exhibition is about the Neo-Romantic period in illustration after World War II.

A new spirit of romanticism – a focus on nature, emotion and individual expression - suffused book and magazine illustration, as people reacted against the gloom of blackout and rationing.

The large body of work produced in that time was intense, colourful, sometimes disturbing - reflecting the way people felt at the time.

Neo-Romanticism focused on the emotional content of the work, prioritising content over form. The key artists of the movement include John Minton, Keith Vaughan, Eric Fraser, John Craxton, Michael Ayrton, Edward Bawden, Barnett Freedman and Henry Moore.

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Heath Robinson Museum,

Pinner Memorial Park, 50 West End Lane, Pinner, London,

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