Exhibition: Ling Tan - Playing Democracy

This exhibition runs from Mon, 1st Feb 2021 to Sun, 4th Apr 2021. See all dates

This event runs over several days/weeks. Dates include:

1st Feb 2021  
(12am - 12am)  <– Today
2nd Feb 2021  
(12am - 12am)
3rd Feb 2021  
(12am - 12am)
4th Feb 2021  
(12am - 12am)
5th Feb 2021  
(12am - 12am)
6th Feb 2021  
(12am - 12am)
7th Feb 2021  
(12am - 12am)

This exhibition has not opened yet. Will open on Mon, 1st Feb 2021

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Cost: Free of Charge

Playing Democracy is a giant two player game of Pong, exploring the principles of democracy.

The installation by artist Ling Tan brings into question ideas around social structures, collective responsibility and agency in participation. Players can adjust its fairness, equality and freedom parameters to increase the difficulty of the game. By working together the game can be played longer, or players can compete to win.

Ling Tan's work explores social engagement, technology, citizen participation and politics. She has exhibited internationally and developed projects using wearable technology and collective participation.

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