Exhibition: LFA - Requiem for Cross Bones

This exhibition runs from Fri, 8th Jun 2018 to Sun, 1st Jul 2018. See all dates

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This exhibition has finished.

Cost: Free of Charge

A sound installation by composer and sound artist, Emily Peasgood as a requiem to the thousands of forgotten women and children, known as the ‘outcast dead’ buried at Crossbones Graveyard.

From interactive sound works for galleries and public spaces to intimate installations and large-scale community projects her work uses intricate sound and technology design to focus on creating a connection between people and locations that have become forgotten and unvalued, often rooted in political realities.

Through telling a series of stories, Requiem for Cross Bones will connect visitors with the historical, social and spiritual context of Cross Bones: not only of its past but also of the work that takes place there in the present and as a call to preserve its future.

Struck by Crossbones’ history as a burial ground for ‘outcasts’ – particularly with the absence of grave markers stones to indicate who is buried there - Peasgood aims to convey the feeling of inequality and a lack of respect she sensed upon visiting the site for the first time.

Each layer of her 15-minute sound-scape piece ‘Requiem’ (or Mass for the Dead) therefore represents the physical layering of bodies at Cross Bones, the identities of people buried there, and of those who pay respect to the dead in the monthly vigil. With varying playback options, each sound experience will evolve and be unique.

Requiem for Cross Bones is a reflection on group and individual identity. In Requiem for Cross Bones all are equal regardless of background, identity, beliefs, life and death.

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Cross Bones Garden & Graveyard,

Union Street,

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