Exhibition: Hiroshima by Iri Maruki and Toshiko Akamatsu

This exhibition runs from Wed, 20th Jul 2022 to Mon, 19th Sep 2022. See all dates

This event runs over several days/weeks. Dates include:

15th Aug 2022  
(9:30am - 5pm)
16th Aug 2022  
(9:30am - 5pm)
17th Aug 2022  
(9:30am - 5pm)
18th Aug 2022  
(9:30am - 5pm)
19th Aug 2022  
(9:30am - 5pm)
22nd Aug 2022  
(9:30am - 5pm)
23rd Aug 2022  
(9:30am - 5pm)

Cost: Free of Charge

The Hiroshima panels have been brought to this country by Artists for Peace, a grouping of artists with greatly differing political and aesthetic views, but united in their realisation that atomic war would destroy all that Britain is and stands for.

The Paintings are a warning and a protest against the untold suffering caused by one small atom bomb.

But they are not horror pictures; nor are they rhetorical. They were painted by a Japanese man and his wife. Their vision has gone beyond revenge or any dogma.

Calmly, quietly, rationally, but with complete and absolute determination we must follow up their protest until no bombs exist. On that depends, not only our claim to any civilisation at all, but the actual future existence of everything that in the most personal, individual, intimate way each of us may love.

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