Exhibition: Havering Hoard: A Bronze Age Mystery

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This exhibition has finished.

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Cost: Free of Charge

Unearth the mystery of the largest ever Bronze Age hoard discovered in London.

Weapons including axe heads, spearheads, fragments of swords, daggers and knives, alongside some other unusual objects rarely found in the UK, make up a total of 453 bronze objects dating between c.900 and c.800 BC that will be on display as part of the exhibition.

This intriguing discovery raises numerous questions about not just the objects themselves but about the people who buried them. Could this treasure have been a religious offering? Were they hoping to recycle the metal or control access to the material? Was it a rejection of bronze tools as iron technology emerged?

Now it's your chance to share in the mystery of the hoard and discover what life was like during the Bronze Age, when the land where London now exists was a very different place.

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Museum of London Docklands,

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