Exhibition: Aubrey Beardsley

This exhibition runs from Wed, 4th Mar 2020 to Mon, 25th May 2020. See all dates

This event runs over several days/weeks. Dates include:

4th Mar 2020  
(10am - 6pm)  <– Today
5th Mar 2020  
(10am - 6pm)
6th Mar 2020  
(10am - 6pm)
7th Mar 2020  
(10am - 6pm)
8th Mar 2020  
(10am - 6pm)
9th Mar 2020  
(10am - 6pm)
10th Mar 2020  
(10am - 6pm)

This exhibition has not opened yet. Will open on Wed, 4th Mar 2020

Cost: £16

The largest exhibition of his drawings for 50 years

Aubrey Beardsley shocked and delighted late-Victorian London with his sinuous black and white drawings. He explored the erotic and the elegant, the humorous and grotesque, winning admirers around the world with his distinctive style.

Spanning seven years, this exhibition will cover Beardsley’s intense and prolific career as a draughtsman and illustrator, cut short by his untimely death from tuberculosis, aged 25. Beardsley’s charismatic, enigmatic persona played a part in the phenomenon that he and his art generated, so much so that Max Beerbohm dubbed the 1890s the ‘Beardsley Period’.

This will be the first exhibition dedicated to Beardsley at Tate since 1923, and the largest display of his original drawings in Europe since the seminal 1966 exhibition at the V&A, which triggered a Beardsley revival.

The over 200 works include his celebrated illustrations for Le Morte d’Arthur, Lysistrata and Oscar Wilde’s Salomé. It will also show artworks that were key inspirations for Beardsley, including Japanese scrolls and watercolours by Edward Burne-Jones and Gustave Moreau.

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