The ianVisits guide to cheap and free things to do in London on Sunday 7th May.

Top events in London on Sun 7th May 2023

Monthly open day at the museum to London's first international airport - in Croydon.
10am to 4pm
Monthly open day at Croydon Airport museum


Ten Exhibitions That Are Closing Soon

Japan: Courts and Culture
The exhibition includes rare pieces of porcelain and lacquer, samurai armour, embroidered screens and diplomatic gifts from the reigns of James I to Her Majesty The Queen.
Japan: Courts and Culture
All Day
Ends on Fri 12th May 2023
Hidden London: The Exhibition
Visit an 'abandoned' Tube station underworld and discover what secrets lurk beneath our busy streets in this Hidden London exhibition.
Hidden London: The Exhibition
10am to 6pm
Covent Garden
Ends on Sun 31st December 2023

Exhibitions opening soon

What's on in London

Walking tours of London on Sunday 7th May 2023

We take you to the places in and around Soho where Marx lived and worked, show you traces of the London he knew, and tell the extraordinary tale of this man who would change the world.
 11am to 1pm