The ianVisits guide to cheap and free things to do in London on Tuesday 9th February.

Top events in London on Tue 9th Feb 2021

Online events / webinars

Sanjeev Gupta and Mark Sephton discuss the aims and approaches taken by the Mars Perseverance Rover and what they expect it to discover.
12:30pm to 1:30pm
This lecture explores how mathematical ideas have been interpreted in fiction, and discusses the unlikelihood, mathematically, of realms such as Brobdingnag and Lilliput, or the room-sized spiders of Hogwarts.
1pm to 2pm
Mathematical Journeys into Fictional Worlds
London and Gin - delve into the fascinating history of the city and the drink
2pm to 2:45pm
London and Gin
A talk about how the increased visibility of an ageing Queen changed society's views of ageing itself.
5:30pm to 7pm
Prof.Hutton Will examine our Magnificent Pre-Christian Heritage and examine how much of this it is possible to recover
8pm to 10pm
Britain's Pagan Heritage - Professor Ronald Hutton - Zoom Lecture

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Walking tours of London on Tuesday 9th February 2021

On this guided tour, led by an expert City of London of Guide, you’ll see several of his finest places of worship.
 11am to 12:30pm
 City of London
A guided walk around the City looking for old London.
 11am to 1pm
A guided walk around Westminster and get to see the hidden and ever so picturesque Georgian back streets where all the political salons are
 2pm to 4pm