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Top events in London on Wed 3rd Feb 2021

Online events / webinars

Dr. Anna Henschel shares how while there are still miles to go before robots become a regular feature within our social spaces, rapid progress in social robotics research, aided by the social sciences, is helping to move us closer to this reality.
1pm to :
Professor Jim Crawley presents his research journey that has uncovered the intricate ways in which blood clotting is regulated.
5:30pm to 6:30pm
Blood clotting unravelled
Ethan Pollock, professor of History and Slavic studies at Brown, reveals the 1000-year story of the Russian bathhouse.
6pm to 7:30pm
Without the Banya We Would Perish
Discover how and why the Elizabeth Tower, the Great Clock and the Great Bell, Big Ben, were built and learn about the enormous task of restoring the tower to its former glory.
6pm to 7pm
Elizabeth Tower: from construction to conservation
This lecture asks how a religious dispute came to rewrite the English constitution and traces that upheaval’s legacies – some plain, some hidden – for England and its neighbours down to the present.
6pm to 7pm
England’s Tudor Reformation
This talk will explore the origins of movement, and how the landscape we see at Chiswick today came to be.
7pm to 8pm
Chiswick House, William Kent, and the birth of the English Landscape Movement

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Walking tours of London on Wednesday 3rd February 2021

Join our Roman guided tour and let us ‘roam’ around the City and discover a history that dates back nearly 2,000 years.
 11am to 12:30pm
 City of London