The ianVisits guide to cheap and free things to do in London on Thursday 19th November.

Top events in London on Thu 19th Nov 2020

A notice that the Thames Barrier and the Barking Barrier will have their monthly test closures today.
9:30am to 12pm
Thames and Barking barrier monthly closures

Online events / webinars

Conservator Tim Warrender will highlight why commonly found types of damage and deterioration occur and suggests ways to help prevent this and so keep them in a better condition for longer.
4pm to 5pm
Caring for your LPs and CDs at Home
Join academics from The Open University and special guests as they introduce you to the diverse landscapes and complex histories of the Arctic Peoples and their region.
5:30pm to 6:45pm
An Introduction to the Arctic with The Open University
What do portrayals of the Evil Queen tell us about witchcraft, fears of the power of aging women, and the valorisation of youth, beauty, and domesticity?
6pm to 7pm
Snow White: Evil Witches
Biographers Clare Mulley and Sonia Purnell discuss the remarkable subjects of their recent books, whose extraordinary courage and actions during World War II made an invaluable contribution to the Allies’ success.
7pm to 8pm
The Women Who Spied

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Walking tours of London on Thursday 19th November 2020

Follow the trail left by monks and monarchs, press barons and literary giants along the highway and down its twisting alleyways.
 11am to 12:30pm
 City of London
A walk that explores the very heart of the City – the most historic part of the capital.
 11am to 1pm
 City of London
This Magical Mystery Tour is a chance to “Imagine” Beatlemania and the Swinging 60s.
 11am to 1pm
A guided walk around Westminster and get to see the hidden and ever so picturesque Georgian back streets where all the political salons are
 2pm to 4pm