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Displayed in date order by how soon they close.

In her bicentenary year the Museum is celebrating the life and legacy of the lesser known aspects of Nightingale’s life with this exciting new exhibition (Ends on Sun, 7th Mar)

Faces of a Queen gives visitors a once-in-a-generation chance to see three of the greatest depictions of Elizabeth I together. (Ends on Wed, 31st Mar)

Faces of a Queen - the Armada Portraits
Journey beyond the Bible to discover the history, culture and traditions of Jewish people from all corners of the world through the ages. (Ends on Sat, 10th Apr)

Hebrew Manuscripts: Journeys of the Written Word
Unearth the mystery of the largest ever Bronze Age hoard discovered in London (Ends on Sun, 18th Apr)

Havering Hoard: A Bronze Age Mystery
This exhibition explores a century of refugee experiences, from Nazi Germany’s persecution of Jews and the Kindertransport, to the Calais Jungle and the treacherous Mediterranean crossings (Ends on Mon, 24th May)

Refugees: Forced to Flee