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Ten Exhibitions That Are Closing Soon

This exhibition traces the history of the Thameslink route from 1866 through to the recent £7bn modernisation programme which has transformed the route and untangled the tracks.
Untangling the Tracks
event time 10am to 6pm
 Covent Garden
 Ends on Mon, 2nd Dec
To celebrate 50 years since NASA’s Apollo 11 mission landed the first humans on the Moon, the UK’s biggest exhibition dedicated to Earth’s nearest celestial neighbour.
The Moon
event time 10am to 5pm
 Ends on Sun, 5th Jan 2020
Explore the origins, philosophy and contemporary relevance of Buddhism, from its beginnings in India in the 6th century BC to having 1 billion followers worldwide today
event time 9:30am to 8pm
 Ends on Tue, 25th Feb 2020

Exhibitions opening soon

Regular Events - Tuesday 5th November 2019

A tour exploring the history of the site before the current building existed.
 12:45pm to :

Tower Bridge opening times

Tower Bridge is not due to open today. The next scheduled opening is on Tue 31st Dec at 11:30pm