Pride in STEM - Out Thinkers

Pride in STEM - Out Thinkers

This event has finished Took place on: Thursday, 28th Feb 2019

Hosted by the lovely folks at the Institute of Cancer Research, our dazzling array speakers will be delving into queer science history, talking all manner of fascinating subjects. This event is open to everyone, no matter your gender or sexual orientation!

Taking to the stage for this amazing evening of interaction and entertainment will be:

Ross Brooks - How did the first modern naturalists respond to observations of same-sex copulation in non-human animals? Charles Darwin only touched upon such findings; other leading naturalists produced some remarkable studies on what they saw. This talk will shine a spotlight on some of them and how they responded when faced with behaviours that had long been deemed unnatural. Ross reveals all.

Selina Groh - ‘Of Numbers, Bones and Identities – why you cannot divorce science from the scientist’. Selina will captivate you with a talk about his work with fossils – how we can use them and interpret them to understand the past; his identity (what being trans in STEM means) and how the two go together!

Mario Toubes-Rodrigo – Life in the cold and life on other planets Aristotle, Astrobiology and literature has us echo pop culture with David Bowie’s ‘Is There Life on Mars?’, with a little bit of Gulliver’s Travels and wood-collecting Vikings thrown in too. Fact and fantasy will be debated in equal measure!

Kimberley Bartlett - A history of human interaction with light and the effect on the human body! How we have moulded light through the ages to benefit mankind in ever more inventive ways? From guiding our ancestors through dark Roman streets to using lamps to combat depression – it’s sure to be an illuminating talk!

Becky Laxton-Bass – LGBT Women in science. Whose stories have you heard? Becky, a wonderful tour guide, will personally introduce you to some!

Dori Grijseels – Dori presents to you a talk on the history of neuroscience, focusing on some of the forgotten people – not enough light is cast on women and minorities, which is something that Dori will be addressing tonight!

Ably presented by trustee Sheldon K. Goodman.

Cost: £3

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2019-02-28 2019-02-28 Europe/London Pride in STEM - Out Thinkers An array speakers will be delving into queer science history, talking all manner of fascinating subjects. Institute of Cancer Research C,Fulham Road,London,

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