Billingsgate Roman House & Baths

Billingsgate Roman House & Baths

This event runs over several days/weeks. Dates include:

Sat, 28th Jul 2018
Sat, 4th Aug 2018
Sat, 11th Aug 2018
Sat, 18th Aug 2018
Sat, 25th Aug 2018

Beneath the curious cobbled pathways of the Square Mile lies a rich Roman history surviving 2,000 years of building, fires and bombings.

Lower Thames Street is home to one of Roman London’s most fascinating remains.

The Billingsgate Roman Bathhouse was discovered in 1848, and is now open for public inspection.

Explore this fascinating insight into ancient life in the City on a 45-min guided tour and discover the remains of the Roman Bathhouse which lies hidden beneath office buildings.

Ian has Visited - review here.

Cost: £9

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2018-06-09 2018-06-09 Europe/London Billingsgate Roman House & Baths Weekend openings of one of London's largest visible Roman ruins, currently in the basement of an otherwise unremarkable office block. Billingsgate Roman House & Baths,101 Lower Thames Street,,London

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Billingsgate Roman House & Baths,

101 Lower Thames Street,

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