What's on in London on Friday 6th October 2017

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Surprisingly, there seems to be nothing special happening today. Sorry about that!

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Ten Exhibitions That Are Closing Soon


(Friday, 6th Oct - 10am to 5:30pm)
Explore why artists and soldiers have painted scenes of conflict. (Closing soon Sun, 8th Oct)


 War Paint: Brushes with conflict


(Friday, 6th Oct - 8am to 5:30pm)
An exhibition on Rome - a first step towards the re-threading of an important tradition (Closing soon Sun, 8th Oct)


A collective reflection upon the Eternal City

Learn about a key moment in the history of art, when emphasis on observation and realism was born. (Closing soon Sun, 8th Oct)


Giovanni da Rimini: A 14th-Century Masterpiece Unveiled


(Friday, 6th Oct - 10am to 5pm)
The first major UK exhibition of watercolours by the artist, John Singer Sargent since 1918. (Closing soon Sun, 8th Oct)


Sargent: The Watercolours


(Friday, 6th Oct - 10am to 8pm)
While California’s mid-century modernism is well documented, this is the first exhibition to examine its current global reach. (Closing soon Sun, 15th Oct)


(Friday, 6th Oct - 10am to 8:30pm)
This exhibition offers glimpses into LGBTQ histories, experiences and lives by examining objects from around the world,  (Closing soon Sun, 15th Oct)


Desire, love, identity exploring LGBTQ histories

This display highlights recent acquisitions of posters, prints, drawings, photographs and artists’ books. (Closing soon Sun, 22nd Oct)


 recent acquisitions of works on paper by contemporary Arab artists

The creative encounter between artists and sitters is explored in this exhibition featuring portrait drawings by some of the outstanding masters of the Renaissance and Baroque periods. (Closing soon Sun, 22nd Oct)


(Friday, 6th Oct - 9am to 6pm)
A showcase of projects which demonstrate lessons learnt in adapting and reconfiguring London’s terraces in an ever growing city. (Closing soon Wed, 25th Oct)




(Friday, 6th Oct - 10am to 5pm)
The exhibition explores a largely unknown and under-rated body of Dickens’s work that speaks plainly to social justice with energy and relevance—both then and now. (Closing soon Sun, 29th Oct)


Restless Shadow: Dickens the Campaigner

Exhibitions opening soon


Tower Bridge opening times

10:10amPaddle Steamer WaverleyDown river
07:30pmPaddle Steamer WaverleyUp river

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