Alice's Adventures In The Underground: Feed Your Head

Starts at 6:30 pm

"Feed your head..." An evening discourse on all things Wonderland, with John Coulthart, Andy Roberts, Nikki Wyrd and Jake Fior (facilitator).

This event marks the opening of a three day exhibition hosted by the Horse Hospital, featuring John Coulthart's psychedelia-themed 'Alice' artwork, printed for the first time as (drug-free) blotter art. John's depictions of the twelve chapters of 'Alice's Adventures in Wonderland' view the 1860s through the iridescent lens of the 1960s; Victoriana refracted through a psychedelic prism. Come along for a discussion of the links between psychedelic art and music, and the persistent fascination of Lewis Carroll's books. There will be talk of many things, not only cabbages and kings, but far more than you can possibly imagine before breakfast.

Signed blotter prints will be on sale.

Psychedelic artists - particularly in the 60s - and many other outsider creative types (before and since that influential decade), have drawn their inspiration from the well of imagery found within the 'Alice' books. As well as John's artwork, there will be Alice themed creations by other artists on show. In addition, the Psychedelic Museum will be holding its second pop-up museum display, with particular focus on the 60s counterculture.


John Coulthart

John's first public illustration work was for the Hawkwind album 'Church of Hawkwind' in 1982. Since then, his designs and illustrations have appeared on vinyl sleeves, book covers, CD and DVD packages for artists including Jon Hassell, Steven Severin, Cradle of Filth, Melechesh and many others, more information can be found on his website. Further information on blotter art can be found on

Andy Roberts

Andy is an historian of British psychedelic counterculture and LSD. Musically, he has been severely influenced and affected by the Grateful Dead, the Incredible String Band and Dr Strangely Strange among a host of others. He first fell down the rabbit hole in 1972 and has been exploring the labyrinth of passages ever since. He has written, co-written or contributed to fifteen books on subjects as diverse as cryptozoology, UFOs, folklore survivals, government files on the anomalous, and psychedelic drugs.

Nikki Wyrd

Nikki's deep curiosity about life has resulted in an Ecology degree, lots of thinking, talking and writing about the human condition, and many years practising chaos magic; she now spends her time copyediting, publishes books, edits the Psychedelic Press Journal, regularly contributes to The Blog of Baphomet, lectures on the crossover of techniques and theories between occultism and science, and in her spare time acts as a director of Breaking Convention conference, and the Psychedelic Museum.

Jake Fior

Co-founder of 'Alice Through the Looking Glass' shop.

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