What's on in London on Sunday 29th January 2017

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Special Events in London on Sun 29th Jan 2017

Around 500 members of the King's Army of the English Civil War Society will march along The Mall.  ()

Civil War Society Remembers the 'Horrid Murder' of King Charles I


(Sunday, 29th Jan - Starts at 12am)
A weekend of installations, performances, talks and workshops highlighting and responding to our city’s air pollution crisis.  ()

Space to Breathe

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Ten Exhibitions That Are Closing Soon

A rare display of the British Museum’s collection of shadow theatre puppets from Southeast Asia. (Closing soon Sun, 29th Jan)


Shadow puppet theatre from Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand


(Sunday, 29th Jan - 12pm to 7pm)
The artwork used for the print elements in the Harry Potter movies displayed by the original artists. (Closing soon Sat, 4th Feb)


Harry Potter film artwork exhibition


(Sunday, 29th Jan - 10am to 6pm)
Clay dug up from underneath London Bridge railway station has been handed to local potters to turn into artworks. (Closing soon Sun, 5th Feb)


The London Bridge Clay Project


(Sunday, 29th Jan - 10am to 6pm)
This exhibition looks at the popular seasonal pastime of ice skating which, in London, dates back to at least the 12th century. (Closing soon Wed, 8th Feb)


Skating on Ice


(Sunday, 29th Jan - 9am to 10pm)
An art and light installation made from materials recycled from a 2015 sculpture. (Closing soon Fri, 10th Feb)



Celebrate some of the most popular entertainments of Victorian times (Closing soon Sun, 12th Feb)


 Victorian Entertainments: There Will Be Fun


(Sunday, 29th Jan - 10am to 5:50pm)
A display of botanical and zoological watercolours by natural history artists Franz and Ferdinand Bauer. (Closing soon Sun, 26th Feb)


 Images of Nature


(Sunday, 29th Jan - 10am to 4:30pm)
Material from the Laburnum Boat Club project has been redisplayed in this exhibition by London Canal Museum. (Closing soon Tue, 28th Feb)

An exhibition showing how maps changed how we look at the world, from Beck's tube map to spy maps. (Closing soon Wed, 1st Mar)


Maps and the 20th Century: Drawing the Line


(Sunday, 29th Jan - 10am to 5pm)
Rembrant's Self-Portrait, Wearing a Feathered Bonnet is on display in London for the first time. (Closing soon Sun, 5th Mar)


Am I Rembrandt?


Regular Events on Sun 29th Jan 2017

(typically repeat most weeks)

Tower Bridge Exhibition Engineering Tours offer visitors a rare and extended tour of Tower Bridge behind the scenes  ()
Take a 45 minute guided tour of this subterranean Roman archaeological site.  ()
On this tour Paul Talling, takes you on a walking tour around Hampstead showing you the sources of three of London's best known lost rivers - the Fleet, the Tyburn & the Westbourne and reading fro  ()
How much concrete was used? Why is it called ‘Barbican’? Why is the lake so green…?  ()
Hackney's oldest building will be open to the public. Discover the history of the building and climb the 135 stairs for the best view of Hackney.  ()

Walking Tours of London on Sun 29th Jan 2017

Stephen Turner, the artist who occupied an egg-shaped wooden vessel for three years, opens his first exhibition about the project.  ()
London's waking nightmare of murder... He came silently out of the midnight shadows of August 31, 1888.  ()

Tower Bridge Opening Times

01:30amDutch MasterUp river
07:30amMaintenance LiftUp river
08:00amMaintenance LiftDown river

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