Ww2 - Latest news, articles and photos

Ww2 - Latest news, articles and photos

Visit the Prefab Museum — while you still can

A post war relic is soon to be swept away. A hidden flatland in a sea of multi-story buildings soon to be elevated by construction. A community rent asunder by a local council.

Eat some brains in an underground WW2 bunker

Nest month, a group are putting on a dining event inside a WW2 bunker underneath Dalston, and will serve up a heady mix of brains to eat, and science to feed the brains in your heads.

Photos from inside an abandoned tube tunnel

Just under 100 years ago, an extension of the Northern Line running under the Thames opened to the public, but 26 years later it would be hit by a German bomb and flooded. It is still sealed off to this day.

A restored WW2 anti-aircraft gun by Canary Wharf

Amongst the fluffy bunnies and clucking chickens that can be found at the Mudchute city farm sits a now silent visitor – a World War Two era anti-aircraft gun.

70th Anniversary of the Bethnal Green Disaster

At around half past eight tonight, it will be 70 years since the single largest loss of British civilian life during World War 2 – the Bethnal Green Disaster.

Reserve your places for a rare tour of a WW2 Bunker

While the Cabinet War Rooms in Westminster are very famous, there was a reserve bunker built in North London just in case the Westminster bunker was bombed.

WW2 underground shelter exhibition in Westminster

Opened one hundred years ago, Westminster’s impressive Methodist Central Hall was one of many buildings commandeered during WW2 for use by military commanders in need of a suitable base near the seat of government. The basement though, was also commandeered

London Transport during the Blitz

A short blog post about this quite interesting propaganda film made just as the Blitz was starting, and how doughty Londoners carried on regardless. “Filmed after the start of the Blitz, ‘City Bound’ is an exploration of the daily commute

Going inside a decaying WW2 Bunker underneath North London

Hidden under a modern housing estate in North London lies the remains of what was once one of the most secret of military installations built during World War 2. Now needing pumps to keep water down to a manageable level

70th anniversary of an aircraft factory hidden in a tube tunnel

After 16 months of preparation during the height of the blitz, a secret aircraft components factory was completed deep underground in North London in what were unfinished tunnels for the Central Line extension.

Visiting a WW2 Air Raid Shelter in Woodford

Lurking under a substantial road bridge in north-east London lies a remnant of the second world war – a public air-raid shelter that probably housed about a thousand people during bombing raids. The area, mainly of semi-detached houses with decent

A tour inside RAF Bentley Priory

Sitting inside a park in North London lies a former stately home which was during World War II, one of the main command centres for the Battle of Britain. RAF Bentley Priory, or plain Bentley Priory as it is know

North Weald Airfield Museum

Just outside the comfort zone of the M25 barrier, on one of those long snaking rural roads that link villages together lies a small house with a stone memorial in its front garden. Once a home, then taken over as

Turning the deep level air-raid shelters into cheap hotels

60 years ago, the Festival of Britain opened, largely at the South Bank in London, but it was actually a nationwide festival with events all across the country. However, London was the focus, and the city was barely recovering from

The Aldwych Tube Station Blitz Experience

First things first, as they say. Tickets to this event sold out yonks ago. However, if you don’t mind the risk of getting nothing after a day of hanging around, and consuming vast quantities of coffee while you wait, then

Visiting a huge tunnel network under Rochester

Rochester is famous for many things – but most visibly for the modest sized castle in its town centre. Less visible, but of considerable fame to the subterranean community is the huge network of tunnels that runs almost from the

More on the “secret” tunnel under Whitehall

There are many rumours of secret tunnels and facilities under London operated by the government, and while the vast majority of the rumours are just wishful thinking, various stories of a secret tunnel network under Whitehall are based on a

When the Central Line was used as a fighter plane factory

Whilst looking for something totally different on the Discovery TV website, I came across an interesting short video clip about the time when Plessey occupied several miles of tunnel under London and set up a factory inside. The Central Line