Ww2 - Latest news, articles and photos

Ww2 - Latest news, articles and photos

The Mansion, The Military, The Museum – Bentley Priory

Through a locked gate, down a road past more locked gates, and here on the edges of London is a grand building which played a very secretive role during WW2.

The WW2 fortification in a Nth London park

If you were talking a wander through a nature reserve in North London one day, you might notice a rather shabby looking concrete hut peeking out of the bushes.

Ticket Alert: Date announced for a rare tour of a WW2 Bunker

Deep under a housing estate in North London lies one of World War Two’s greatest secrets, the reserve Cabinet War Rooms that lay hidden and waiting just in case the (now) more famous Westminster bunkers were attacked.

WW2 Bunker Under Clapham to Open for Regular Tours

Transport for London has secured planning permission to open up one of the WW2 bunkers dug deep under London for regular tours.

Unbuilt London: A balloon barrage surrounding the city

In 1938, as ideas were being made for the defence of London, plans were shown off to surround London with a massive “aerial mine-field” made from over a thousand deadly balloons.

Air raid siren to sound over London

Just after Christmas, the distinctive wail of an air-raid siren will once again echo out across the City of London.

Bomb damage map on display

The newish, and smallish Heritage Gallery inside London’s Guildhall has put out a display of WW1 and WW2 maps and photos.

75th Anniversary of the Balham Tube Disaster

It’s the evening of 14th October 1940, and one of the worst wartime disasters of the London Underground is about to take place.

A look inside the WW2 tunnels under Clapham Common

It’s 1942, and the air raid warnings are screaming. People in select parts of London hurry to their nearest tube station to take shelter.

Unbuilt London: The Isle of Dogs Airport

In the post-war period when London had a surplus of rubble and empty spaces, an airport was planned in the docklands area with SIX runways.

More tours of WW2 deep-level shelters planned

TfL has confirmed that it plans to open up one of the WW2 deep-level shelters to the public more often, subject to being able to make some adjustments to the surface building.

The Post-War Plans to Rebuild Shoreditch & Bethnal Green

As World War Two started to approach what seemed to be its final conclusion, city planners turned their minds to the aftermath, and the rebuilding of homes and factories damaged by wartime bombing.

Battle of Britain bunker tour dates announced

Deep under the former RAF Uxbridge is a large military bunker built during WW2 that was used to oversee the Battle of Britain in the skies above.

Wartime bunker under Eltham Palace to be restored

As part of a range of upgrades just announced for the art-deco Eltham Palace, the WW2 bunker underneath the building is to be restored to its wartime appearance.

TV show about London Underground’s flood barriers

Next week, the BBC’s Coast TV programme will have a segment about the flood barriers that were installed on the London Underground at the start of WW2.

Prefab Museum extended until the “end of summer”

I recently told you that you had until the end of May to visit the Prefab museum in a soon to be gutted estate in South London.

Bethnal Green Disaster Memorial gets £10k donation from TfL

The Bethnal Green Memorial fund, which you may recall has built half the memorial but still fund raising for the main piece has secured a £10,000 donation from TfL.

Remains of an WW2 Prisoner of War camp in Peckham Rye

It’s a bit odd but when you think of prisoner of war camps from World War 2, it seems likely to think of the rural areas of England away from the populace, not right in the heart of London.