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Just days to save the UK’s last WW1 submarine hunter from being scrapped

We have but a few days to prevent the last remaining submarine hunter of WW1 from being scrapped. HMS President has been moored by Blackfriars Bridge since 1922, as a training base and visitor centre.

Exhibition looks at how WW1 supported independence activists

A modest, but historically fascinating view of an often unseen aspect of WW1 has gone on display in the sumptuous Maughan Library.

Commemoration of the Unknown Warrior at Victoria Station

Yesterday evening, Victoria railway station saw a commemoration to the Unknown Warrior, whose body rested overnight in the station in 1920 prior to burial in Westminster Abbey.

Extraordinary photos of WW1 battle fields

A series of almost too beautiful photos that show the long aftermath of war have gone on display in the Guildhall Yard in the City of London.

Historic London Bus Heads to France for Somme Anniversary

A one-hundred year old London bus will be heading to France later this month, to commemorate the centenary of the Battle of the Somme.

Bomb damage map on display

The newish, and smallish Heritage Gallery inside London's Guildhall has put out a display of WW1 and WW2 maps and photos.

Women Working on the Railways During WW1

The role played by women working on the railways during World War I will be told in an exhibition at railway stations this summer.

London’s civilian VC to be commemorated

On 4th July 2015, ship's Master Frederick Parslow, VC, Mercantile Marine, will be honoured with the unveiling of a commemorative paving stone on Islington Green, near to where he was born in 1856.

100th anniversary of the first air-raid on London

Today marks the 100th anniversary of the first air-raid over London, by a Zeppelin airship, and probably the first foreign enemy incursion into London for nearly 1,000 years.

Freemasonry and the First World War

That secretive organisation that has a very large, very obvious building in central London that anyone can enter for a look around has put on a display about how their organisation was affected during WW1.

The quiet murmuration of the Tower of London

It can hardly have escaped your notice that something special is happening at the Tower of London at the moment.

From Beef Tea to Battleships

The Guildhall Library in the city has put on a small display based on the personal letters and experiences of those who served during World War One.

An ode to the London Underground

Today is National Poetry Day, and if you head through either Oval or Covent Garden tube stations today, you will be aurally entertained by more than the usual amount of prose laden station announcements.

100th anniversary of THAT famous poster

Today marks the 100th anniversary of the publishing of one of the most famous posters from WW1 -- the one of Lord Kitchener pointing a finger at the viewer telling them that their country needs them.

The Illustrated London News goes online

The Illustrated London News -- that venerable newspaper that is still technically publishing, albeit very rarely -- has published something.

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