Woolwich - Latest news and reviews

Crossrail unveils a Dead Man’s Penny

A new plaque has been unveiled outside Crossrail's Woolwich station featuring a so-called Dead Man's Penny, given to the next of kin of those killed during WW1.

London’s Pocket Parks: Wellington Park, SE18

Inside the grounds of the once secretive military arsenal at Woolwich can be found a formal gardens of a park named after the Duke of Wellington.

London’s Public Art: Steel statues in Woolwich

Next to the Thames in Woolwich are a cluster of steel men forever frozen in a meeting that is about to take place.

Climb to the top of Severndroog Castle

In 1755, a naval battle took place off the coast of India that resulted in a castle being built in South London. And now you can go to the top for impressive views across London.

Go inside the ruined St George’s Garrison Church in Woolwich

The ruined remains of a military church is on the verge of reopening part of the building following restoration work.

Shrewsbury Tumulus – the Bronze Age burial site in the middle of a housing estate

Next to a road junction in the middle of a South London housing estate can be found a Bronze-Age era burial mound.

Last chance to ride the old Woolwich Ferries

After many decades of service, the old Woolwich Ferries are soon to be decommissioned, and you have just a couple of weeks to take a trip in them.

Woolwich ferry to pass through Tower Bridge

Next Saturday marks (possibly) the very last time that the current Woolwich Ferry will pass through Tower Bridge.

Take a last trip in the Woolwich Free Ferry

For just over 700 years, there has been a ferry service across the Thames at Woolwich, and it's about time we took a trip in it, and there's a reason to do so now.

Photos – Walking through a Crossrail tunnel

Today, some 500 people will have the chance to walk through the Crossrail tunnel that runs under the Thames at Woolwich.

Tickets to walk through a Crossrail tunnel

Fancy walking through a Crossrail tunnel next month? Well, you can if you are quick as they are offering a chance to walk through the tunnel at Woolwich.

Photos from inside the Woolwich Crossrail Station

A short walk from the mainline and DLR stations in Woolwich, a vast concrete box has been constructed underground -- as the future Crossrail station for the area -- and on the completion of the box, a short open-day was held to show off the cavernous structure to the public.

Book tickets to see inside a future Crossrail Station

One of the more locally at least controversial of the Crossrail stations is being built out in Woolwich and they have now finished the main building phase of the station box. So it will be opened up to the public later this month to have a look inside.

Tom Cribb’s snobbish memorial in Woolwich

If you were wandering through a churchyard in Woolwich, you might spy a rather aloof, snobbish even, memorial stuck in a somewhat overlooked corner behind another building. This noble lion with its nose in the air is the memorial to

Photos from the Crossrail station construction site at Woolwich

While most of the focus on Crossrail is north of the river, the railway will have an important spur down towards South-East London, and this weekend was a chance to see the station box being built at Woolwich. The original