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This Sunday – English Civil War march along The Mall

This coming Sunday, you could be watching several hundred people in English Civil War attire march along the Mall in central London.

Enter a ballot to march past the Cenotaph on Armistice Day

On 11 November 2018, following the traditional service of remembrance at the Cenotaph, members of the public will also have a unique opportunity to take part in a procession past the Cenotaph,

Open House – Going inside Admiralty House

Hidden behind one of Whitehall’s classical facades can be found a building as old as the Times newspaper, and described as the smallest Grand House in London.

Find the Lost Palace of Whitehall

If you wander around the streets of Whitehall at the moment, you might bump into a few rather odd looking objects.

Traditional bale of straw added to a Whitehall Statue

As is traditional, the statue of Prince George, Duke of Cambridge, which stands in central London gains a bale of straw over the Christmas holidays.

Overnight rehearsal of the State Opening of Parliament – photos

Earlier this morning, the police and military sealed off the streets around Parliament. In many countries that is the cue for panic and coups, but in Britain it means pomp and ceremony. It was a rehearsal, for more pomp and

Operator – connect me to Whitehall 1212. Urgent!

One of the most famous things to say down the phone was to ask for Whitehall 1212 — that being the official phone number for the police at Scotland Yard. But did you know that the phone number still works?

A bale of straw has been added to a Whitehall Statue

An equine statue standing majestic on Whitehall has gained a bale of straw to eat and some wood chippings to rest upon in a fairly recent annual Christmas tradition.

A few photos of the “secret” Whitehall cable tunnel

Tunnel enthusiasts, and conspiracy theorists will be well aware of a large tunnel running under Whitehall — often codenamed as Q-Whitehall.

London’s Lost Pneumatic Railways – Part 3

Despite having apparently surveyed the plans to great detail and being sure that there were no hidden costs to dismay the investors, it wasn’t long before unforeseen problems started to crop up.

London’s Lost Pneumatic Railways – Part 2

“in its present form the pneumatic system is simply an adaptation of the process of sailing to railway; the wind being produced by steam power and confined within the limits of a tube.”

London’s Lost Pneumatic Railways

In an age of steam locomotives and horse drawn carriages, a group of Victorians tried to build the world’s first true tube tunnel railway. A railway that would have also harnessed the power of the atmosphere to propel carriages in a manner that would astound the people of the time.