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Abseilers installing art inside Westminster tube station

Last week as London slept, abseilers were seen working their way around the cavernous box that is the Westminster tube station.

Overnight rehearsal of the State Opening of Parliament

Had you been in Westminster at 4am this morning, a most unusual sight would have greeted you. Not the occasional night bus, delivery truck or worker, but the whole area was sealed off and given over to the military.

Unbuilt London: The Victorian proposal for a railway to Westminster Abbey

Fairly recently, a chap called Moffat wrote a story about an underground railway in Westminster -- to considerable fury of tube geeks who spent an inordinate time chewing over holes in the plot.

A small garden of calm moments from Oxford Street

On the 9th November 1889, a new public garden was opened just to the south of Oxford Street as part of the clearance of slums and their replacement with social housing for the working classes.

200th anniversary of London’s public gas supply

Two hundred years ago the first public gas supply was built in London, initially to light the streets, but also to supply some local houses.

Westminster Council is selling off its street signs

An unusual auction is coming up next month with a change to acquire some rather unique -- and based on the estimate prices -- curiously cheap bits of London memorabilia.

A look around a gothic inspired church in Westminster

Although just a couple of minutes walk from the activity of Victoria Street and around the corner from Channel4's head office, it is a church you would not casually pass unless you had certain reason to use the street it fronts onto.

WW2 underground shelter exhibition in Westminster

Opened one hundred years ago, Westminster’s impressive Methodist Central Hall was one of many buildings commandeered during WW2 for use by military commanders in need of a suitable base near the seat of government. The basement though, was also commandeered

Unbuilt London: Victorian Railway Stations that Tried to Span the Thames

Blackfriars railway station has recently become the first station to span right across the River Thames, with entrances on both sides of the river – but it wasn’t the first time that someone tried to put a railway bridge across

The Old Jewel Tower of Westminster Palace

Of the several towers extant within Westminster, one of the more overlooked, literally as well as figuratively has to be the Jewel Tower that sits in a little corner opposite Parliament. A small stone built building, just three stories high,

Private entrance from Westminster Tube Station for MPs

There is often told tales by the subterranean conspiracy lot of a private entrance inside Westminster tube station that our elected masters can use to get into the Parliamentary Estate – should they deign to travel by London Underground. I

The 17th century prison doorway in Westminster

Lurking on a little used side street in Westminster stands the last known remnant of a local prison and workhouse that has long since vanished. Tothill Fields Prison (or the Westminster Bridewell) was a “house of correction” for the compulsory

The amazingly gloomy interior of Westminster Cathedral

If you’ve never been inside Westminster Cathedral near Victoria train station, then you are likely to be in for a bit of a surprise, for despite being over 100 years old, they still haven’t finished decorating it. And I hope

Views From Two Towers in Two Cities – Both in London

Before they merged into a Metropolis, the City of London was physically distinct from the City of Westminster with fields separating the two rival powers in the land. More by coincidence than design, the two cities both ended up two

Photos of London from the top of the Millbank Tower

Just down the road from the Houses of Parliament is the 1960s tower block, the Millbank Tower. Famous for its uncompromising brutal aesthetic in an area dominated by classical stone buildings and for hosting the Labour Party for a few

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