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Visits Cathedrals across England at night

This year, every Church of England cathedral will open their doors after hours on at least one evening though out the year.

A memorial to the legend of Vincent Square

Two hundred years ago a huge plot of land was secured as an open park, by means of simply ploughing a deep ditch all around it.

Tickets Alert: Opportunity to photograph inside Westminster Abbey

For the first time ever, Westminster Abbey is allowing photography within its building by members of the public.

Restoring St. Margaret Church’s 300 year old clock

Next to mighty Westminster Abbey is the rather smaller St. Margaret’s Church, and at the moment, the Tudor era tower is covered in scaffolding.

Westminster Abbey’s Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Galleries

High up above the Nave of Westminster Abbey is a new exhibition space, with incidentally, what has often been described at the “the best view in Europe”.

Professor Stephen Hawking’s memorial service open to the public

If you want to attend the memorial service being held in Westminster Abbey next month to celebrate the life of Professor Stephen Hawking, then a public ballot opens today.

Westminster Abbey gets a new tower

Slightly hidden away, Westminster Abbey has gained a striking new bronze tower that sits well against its ancient stones.

See the “Glimpses of Eternity” in Westminster Abbey

A series of stunning watercolours of Westminster Abbey have gone on display, inside the Abbey they depict, and unlike the main building, they’re in a part that few realise is free to visit.

Westminster Abbey’s medieval Triforium opening to the public

A vast hidden space, more than 50 feet above the Abbey’s floor is set to open to the public later this year.

Watch Shakespeare inside Westminster Abbey

Sir Mark Rylance will return to Westminster Abbey with a company of 23 actors bringing the words of William Shakespeare to life for six special performances in April.

Cheaper entry to Westminster Abbey during Lumiere London

During the Lumiere London festival of light around central London, one of the venues, Westminster Abbey will be opening its doors in the evening as well.

Ticket Alert: Free history talks in Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey is as famous for its architecture as it is for its religious functions, and will be hosting three free lectures on the 500-year old Lady Chapel part of its building.

Unbuilt London: Imperial Monumental Halls

Westminster Abbey is getting a bit crowded someone once thought, with all these monuments to dead people cluttering up the place. What’s needed is a great big extension, and a massive tower.

First ever public tours of Henry V’s Chapel

Within Westminster Abbey sits a monument to a mighty King, and to mark the 600th anniversary of his greatest victory, it is to be opened to the public.

A look at the secular enclave within Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey, that mighty bastion of religion has an alien invader amongst its midst, a couple of buildings that were nominally religious, but have spent the past 800 years performing more secular duties.