Wellington Arch - Latest news, articles and photos

Wellington Arch - Latest news, articles and photos

Apsley House puts on the Waterloo Banquet

To mark the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo, the Duke of Wellington’s London home, Apsley House has re-presented Waterloo Gallery where Wellington held annual banquets to commemorate the great victory.

Another chance to see the Almost Lost exhibition

If you missed the exhibition of visions of a concrete clad London that were planned in the 1960s that recently took place at the Wellington Arch, there is another chance to see some of the exhibits.

How the Motor Car Reshaped English Architecture

A new exhibition has opened inside the Wellington Arch at Hyde Park that looks at how the architecture associated with the motor car changed the landscape.

Hyde Park Corner’s Massive Hidden Ventilation Shaft

Running under Hyde Park Corner is a road tunnel built in the 1960s to relieve congestion on the roundabout above, and sitting slap bang in the middle of Hyde Park Corner, surrounded by war memorials is a gigantic ventilation shaft to extract car pollution from below.

How close London came to being covered in concrete

One of London’s greatest strengths, and in some ways, its greatest curse, has been the lack of a dominating Overload with the power to tear down entire chunks of the city and rebuild it in their preferred style.

Post War buildings celebrated inside the Wellington Arch

Wellington Arch next to Hyde Park has swapped out the display inside the top of the arch bit and is running a short exhibition on how 20th century buildings, often derided have been preserved and in some cases, gained affection.

John Betjeman exhibition opens inside Wellington Arch

Almost everyone who has visited St Pancras station has taken time out to look for the statue of John Betjeman in his famous upward staring pose holding onto the trademark hat.

Egyptian Architecture in London – an Exhibition

London is packed full of various lumps of ancient Egypt cluttering up museums who by various means in the past acquired them, so another display in another museum might seem excessive. However, Egypt has also inspired architects, resulting in quite

A bookshop has opened inside the Wellington Arch at Hyde Park Corner

Wellington Arch, the huge triumphal pile of stone at Hyde Park Corner has gained a tiny bookshop inside the arch itself – oh, and a new exhibition area upstairs. I doubt many people who casually wander past the huge archway