Waterloo Station - Latest news, articles and photos

Waterloo Station - Latest news, articles and photos

Waterloo station mural has a historical fact hidden in its design

A new mural at Waterloo Station that includes an image of the meeting point clock hides a surprise.

Waterloo station refurbishment costs jump

The cost of refurbishing parts of the old Eurostar concourse at Waterloo station into a retail outlet has jumped sharply after additional problems were uncovered.

Festival of Britain scultpure reappears in Waterloo Station.

Two sunbathers have appeared in Waterloo station – and they tell a story of a lost sculpture, discovery, restoration, and return.

Waterloo station testing a new style trains departure screen

Network Rail has started a trial of full-colour, high-definition customer information display at London Waterloo station that’s designed to be easier to read from a distance.

Waterloo tube station reopens its Southbank entrance

Rather later than planned, the Southbank entrance to Waterloo tube station finally reopened to the public over the weekend.

An exhibition of railway footbridges at Waterloo Station

The mezzanine at Waterloo Station has been filled with photographs of railway footbridges — as part of the Network Rail retrospective study.

Regular steam trains service returns to Waterloo Station

Although occasional steam trains leave Waterloo, there hasn’t been a regular service for over 50 years, until now.

Controversy over restoration of Waterloo Station poem

In 1999, an artist was commissioned to help improve a subway leading from Waterloo Station. In 2019 the same artist protested about efforts to restore the art.

See the new(ish) entrance to Waterloo tube station

The recently reopened platforms at the former Waterloo International have also seen a new route into the London Underground ticket hall.

Landscape photography at Waterloo Station

If you go up to the mezzanine at Waterloo Station, there’s a display of landscape photography as part of an annual competition.

New tower to loom over Waterloo Station

A revised set of plans for the rather ugly 1960s office block next to Waterloo station have been shown off, featuring a taping set of buildings and roof gardens.

London Public Art: Leake Street, SE1

An ever changing brick canvas is the hallmark of this famous railway arch that is now one of the top spots for street art and legal graffiti.

Bee hives on the roof of Waterloo Station

If you’ve ever felt that you’re being stung when you pay for a ticket at Waterloo Station, it might be the legacy of the time there were bees on the roof.

Catch the first trains from Waterloo International on Saturday

Just under a decade after it closed to Eurostar trains, the former Waterloo International platforms come back into use this weekend.

Stagecoach loses South West Trains franchise

The company that runs the South West Trains has lost the right to run the franchise, to a consortium including the Hong Kong metro operator.

Landscape photos on display at Waterloo station

A display of the winners of the annual Landscape Photographer of the Year competition have gone on display, in Waterloo railway station.

Photography exhibition at Waterloo Station

A dog stands still in the wet sand watching as a man stops to adjust his coat against the wind. Lush undergrowth in the forest lit by the early morning sun. Quiet calm fields in the foggy morning.