Waterloo And Whitehall Pneumatic Railway - Latest news and reviews

Strange Air — A Railway Ghost Story

Anyone who has even the slightest hint of interest in London's abandoned railway tunnels is bound to have heard rumours of Victorian train carriages being buried within them and lost.

London’s Lost Pneumatic Railways – Part 5

Another interesting after-effect of the pneumatic railway was to be felt some 50 years later, during the construction of the Bakerloo Line tube tunnels under the Thames.

London’s Lost Pneumatic Railways – Part 4

Although the railway was formally closed down in February, its ghostly echoes lived on as it had left behind a fair amount of detritus to clear up.

London’s Lost Pneumatic Railways – Part 3

Despite having apparently surveyed the plans to great detail and being sure that there were no hidden costs to dismay the investors, it wasn't long before unforeseen problems started to crop up.

London’s Lost Pneumatic Railways – Part 2

"in its present form the pneumatic system is simply an adaptation of the process of sailing to railway; the wind being produced by steam power and confined within the limits of a tube."

London’s Lost Pneumatic Railways

In an age of steam locomotives and horse drawn carriages, a group of Victorians tried to build the world's first true tube tunnel railway. A railway that would have also harnessed the power of the atmosphere to propel carriages in a manner that would astound the people of the time.

Croydon’s Experimental Atmospheric Railway

Long term readers may recall my on/off researches into a tube railway that would have linked Waterloo Station to Whitehall, that would have been powered by air-pressure “blowing” carriages down the tube. That was just one version of so-called atmospheric

London’s Lost Tunnel

While tunnel affectionados will be familiar with the “Mail Rail” that runs under London, fewer know that it was in fact the second such system, and an earlier tunnel had been built to carry mail from the Post Office’s national

More on the Waterloo & Whitehall Railway

Long term readers may recall that I am slowly researching the history of the Waterloo and Whitehall Railway – a short lived attempt to build a pneumatic railway in an iron tube running under the River Thames between Great Scotland