Waterloo And City Line - Latest news and reviews

The curious stone tower on Queen Victoria Street

Right outside the front door of the new Bloomberg Building is a curious unmarked stone tower.

Mobile phone coverage planed for the tube tunnels

Mobile phones could start to work in tube tunnels from 2019, as long running plans take a step closer to a tender being issued.

A billion quid groundscraper reveals a lost roman road

The largest stone building in the City of London for over a century has had its building site protective covers removed, and revealed an awful lot of glass and bronze.

50th anniversary of Bank Station’s travolator

You might not have noticed it, but today marks a very special anniversary on the London Underground – it is the 50th anniversary of the travelator at Bank tube station. This, not just the first moving walkway on the London

Greathead shield at Bank Station

I have been meaning for absolutly ages to take a look at a little bit of London Underground heritage at Bank Station, and total thanks to problems with the Jubilee Line, I happened to be at Bank today and going