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Tesco and Waitrose to join Asda in tube stations

The growing use of London Underground stations to collect shopping is on the rise, with three more retailers joining the scheme.

Don’t forget the pancakes on Jif Lemon Day!

Some three years ago, I wrote a short hymn to a small yellow plastic container in the shape of a small lemon that brings a smile to my face each year as it graces the shelves of our supermarkets. In

The carrier bags are killing M&S

High Street stalwart, Marks & Spencer has reported a slump in profits by a third, and like for like sales also down sharply. Basically, customers are not shopping there as often as they did – and the CEO was interviewed

Recession – what recession?

It seems that the economic downturn hasn’t quite reached the exalted atmosphere of Canary Wharf’s banking classes judging by the price of a new bottle of beer, Deus Brut Des Flanders that the local Waitrose has started selling. The label