Victoria And Albert Museum - Latest news, articles and photos

Victoria And Albert Museum - Latest news, articles and photos

Art in the Age of Computers at the V&A Museum

Since they were created, people have wondered if computers could create art, and now the V&A has an exhibition of some of the results of that pondering.

50 years since the abolition of censorship in the theatres

This exhibition is a wake up call to everyone how precious our freedoms are — and needs to be seen by as many people as possible.

The future starts here? Or does it?

One thing anyone who has ever looked at visions of the future will be able to tell you, is that our predecessors were utterly wrong. So it takes some gumption for the V&A to repeat the same… mistake?

Modern videogames retrospective comes to the V&A

A festival looking at the impact that the modern computer game has had on society is coming to the V&A museum later this year.

The golden age of the Ocean Liners comes to the V&A Museum

There was a brief period of time when luxury ruled the waves, if you had the money to afford it, when interior design was deco and dresses were short.

The photography of Anthony Crickmay at the V&A

Lurking in one of the corners of the V&A museum is a large exhibition devoted to a famous photographer of famous people — Anthony Crickmay.

Find the Museum at Pooh Corner

A corner of central London is now a 100 acre wood and children’s fantasy, overflowing with honey and a small bridge over a stream filling with small twigs.

A glass room full of jewels at the V&A museum

There’s a room in the VA& museum that was refurbished a shade under a decade ago, and banned photography — but not any more.

When theatre tickets were made from old beer boxes

The historic archive of the world’s oldest surviving grand Victorian music hall, Wilton’s Music Hall in East London is to be conserved and made available by the Victoria and Albert Museum.

Exhibition shows off the unbuilt plans for the V&A Museum

That cathedral to art and design is itself a product of the same, and has put on an exhibition about how it came to be what it is.

The V&A looks at Plywood and likes it

The ancient Egyptians invented it, the Victorians industrialised it, the Edwardians loved it, and most of us who sat on plywood chairs at school hated it.

See a scale model of the Royal Albert Hall

There’s a small, but interesting display at the moment showing some of the late changes that were made to the Royal Albert Hall during its construction.

A room in the V&A Museum filled with architectural models

Far away from the main visitor route, there’s a large room high up in the V&A museum full of architectural models.

Have you seen the dog memorials in the V&A?

Two small easy to overlook plaques can be found in the V&A’s central garden, both memorials to much loved canines.

The V&A Museum’s new entrance

A few weeks ago, and a decade or so later than originally planned, the V&A finally opened its new Exhibition Road entrance.

History of Europe – Told by its Theatres at the V&A

Much like the early days of travelling players, there’s a traveling exhibition about the history of the theatre, and its currently in London.

Just like that – V&A acquires Tommy Cooper’s Fez

The Victoria and Albert Museum (V&A) recently acquired one of Tommy Cooper’s famous fezzes, and it has just gone on display.

Is it ever OK to wear socks with sandals?

Is it ever wrong to wear socks with sandals? It may surprise you to learn that not only can it be acceptable, but indeed can be mandatory.