Vauxhall - Latest news and reviews

London’s Pocket Parks: US Embassy Gardens, SW11

Apart from it's boxy architecture, the US Embassy in London is also noted for the lake and garden that surround it.

Old posters uncovered at Vauxhall tube station

Works to clean up the poster display units have uncovered decades old posters lurking deep under the layers.

Unbuilt London: The Crystal Span Bridge

Forget garden bridges and wobbly bridges and tower bridges, what we really need in London is a 7-story high crystal bridge!

Unbuilt London: Vauxhall’s Green Giant

Where the confection of the MI6 building currently stands, there should be a gigantic tower block -- the green giant.

Why is the Thames Super Sewer subject to a National Security Notice?

This'll spark the conspiracy theories -- as it turns out that part of the planned "super sewer" under the River Thames could be subject to an issue affecting National Security.