Tunnel - Latest news, articles and photos

Tunnel - Latest news, articles and photos

See Tunnel Engineering on Display in Westminster

A short walk from Big Ben is a large exhibition about the tunnels under London, and — much more importantly — a working tunnel boring machine, made from Lego.

The private monorail tunnel under North London

Under North London, there exists a private underground monorail service, some 20km long running from Elstree to St John’s Wood in the centre of town.

Walking through a Tunnel under the Thames — Part 1

Earlier today, people queued up outside Rotherhithe Station for a rare chance to walk through a railway tunnel under the Thames. Yet next to them ran another tunnel, also under the Thames and also equally rarely walked through.

A few photos of the “secret” Whitehall cable tunnel

Tunnel enthusiasts, and conspiracy theorists will be well aware of a large tunnel running under Whitehall — often codenamed as Q-Whitehall.

New lifts at Greenwich foot tunnel – impress and depress at once

For the past year or so, the foot tunnel that runs under the Thames between the Isle of Dog and Greenwich has had the lifts out of action, and the staircase covered up in so much cladding that it is

Photos inside a future Crossrail Tunnel

Last April I had a chance to walk through the length of the Connaught Tunnel, a disused railway tunnel in Docklands that will be refurbished for Crossrail. Today I went back for another look, although due to the now ongoing

Walking through an abandoned train tunnel under London’s Docks

Although most of the train tunnels being built in London for Crossrail will be brand new, one section of tunnel will in fact be already over 140 years old when the first Crossrail train passes through. Built under the docks

For Sale – a Model of the Rotherhithe Tunnel Shield

An auction house is about to sell off something I wouldn’t mind buying if I had a more generous wallet – a scale model of the tunnelling shield used to dig the (road) tunnel at Rotherhithe. “It’s a fabulous piece!

More on the “secret” tunnel under Whitehall

There are many rumours of secret tunnels and facilities under London operated by the government, and while the vast majority of the rumours are just wishful thinking, various stories of a secret tunnel network under Whitehall are based on a

No to the Rotherhithe-Canary Wharf Bridge

A lobby group has been pushing for a pedestrian bridge to be built linking Canary Wharf with Rotherhithe – a route currently serviced by either a ferry service or (via a short walk) the Jubilee Line. It is being reported,