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Bromley Hall – the oldest brick building in London

It looks like a fairly ordinary moderately old building next to a dirty noisy main road - but this old building is older than you could ever imagine. It's actually thought to be the oldest brick built building in London - and over 500 years old.

London’s last Tudor Great Chamber to be restored

Hidden behind high walls near the Barbican can be found the last surviving Tudor Great Chamber in London, within the Charterhouse estate.

This Tudor London map overlay is marvelous

A map of London, as it was during the era of the Tudor monarchs, give or take a few decades has been released by Layers of London.

Tudor Palace remains found in Greenwich

The team working on restoring the ceiling of Greenwich's painted hall, have found something in the basement -- remains of Greenwich's Tudor palace.

See the Tudor monarch’s Blood Royal in this exhibition

There a small, but interesting exhibition at the moment that puts on display a range of Tudor era paintings, books and royal documents.