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London tube train appears at Glastonbury

People camping out in the fields around the Glastonbuty Festival have a London interloper amongst their midst -- a tube train in fact.

A new type of tube train is shown off at the South Bank

If you were heading down into a certain tube station recently via the escalator, you might have been slightly alarmed to see this advancing back up towards you. No, not a new type of tube train designed to deposit passengers

Watch the 1967 tube train make its farewell tour

Tomorrow (Sunday 15th May), as mentioned before, one of the last remaining 1967 era tube trains that have served the Victoria Line will make a farewell tour around the network. All the seats to be on the train have been

Another 1938 train outing

As you may have read, I went on a trip on a 1938 tube train a few months ago – but today was THE BIG ONE, where the train did a full run along the entire Northern Line from Morden

A Trip on a 70 Year Old Tube Train

In 1938, a new modern tube train was introduced on London Underground – with the radical change in that it abolished the front locomotive which used to pull tube trains. In 1998, the 1938 stock made its final trip on