Tube Roundel - Latest news and reviews

London Underground themed clothing released

A south London based clothing firm has released a range of London Underground inspired clothing.

London Underground lets children redesign the tube roundel

If you look around today, you might see some unusual tube roundels, as it’s World Children’s Day, and London school children have their own roundels on display in selected tube stations.

Holy mini glowing tube roundels Batman!

Following the success of the large glowing tube roundels sold by the London Transport Museum, they’ve launched a smaller version as well.

Fancy owning a Tube roundel coffee table?

It turns out that the official supplier of tube roundels to London Underground has a side-line in coffee tables.

London Underground’s glowing tube roundel picks up an award

Launched last June, a glowing tube roundel has won an award for the “best licensed product” at the Association for Cultural Enterprises Conference.

Glow in the dark tube roundels go on sale

What better for the tube geek than to drift off to sleep with the comforting glow of a London Underground roundel keeping the monsters away.

Scavenger Hunting @ the Acton Depot

Yesterday was one of the periodic opening at the Acton Depot, which holds tons of kit that can’t be fitted into the Transport Museum’s Covent Garden venue.  This weekend was themed around miniatures, so the place was also manned by

Tube Roundel – Scavenger Hunt

A couple of weeks ago, the Transport Museum held another of their scavanger hunts where teams are sent off around London to take photos of a subject based on a sheet of clues. This hunt was themed on the tube