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Ever noticed the London Underground trains smaller doors?

If you travel on the sub-surface lines, you might not be aware of it, but the trains have a small point of interest in their door design.

Elizabeth line roundel spotting

The opening date of the Elizabeth line may have been pushed back to “whenever”, but signs to the new tube line are popping up across the network.

London Underground displays the Hutton Panels inside Bank station

Inside the newly built Walbrook entrance to Bank tube station can be found a freize of Roman inspired murals — known as the Hutton Panels.

London Underground collectables come to Selfridges

Selfridges have started selling a range of London Underground themed items that are officially licensed from TfL.

The special tiles at London Underground’s Bethnal Green station

Bethnal Green tube station is notable for three things – a disaster, a clock, and some tiles — and today I am going to talk about the tiles.

The curious stone tower on Queen Victoria Street

Right outside the front door of the new Bloomberg Building is a curious unmarked stone tower.

Liverpool Street station’s little noticed subway

When people are waiting to cross the road at the Bishopsgate entrance to Liverpool Street, few know there’s a subway entrance right next to where they’re standing.

The tube station with a piece of Roman Wall in it

There’s a station on the London Underground that if you look carefully enough, you might spy a chunk of ancient Roman Wall peeking out.

The tube station with a sheet of iron from a warship

There’s a tube station with a relatively little used staircase, and at the top, standing proud is a massive slab of rusted iron — from a warship.