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The 2010 London Tweed Run

This afternoon, some 400 chaps and ladies dressed in Tweed and suitable attire took a merry jaunt around London, and I wandered over to take some photos. I was actually planning to be a cyclist and dutifully marked the website

A Tunnel Deep Under Trafalgar Square

Did you know there is a tunnel running deep under Trafalgar Square? Nope, neither did I as it happens! I had been told that the fountains in Trafalgar Sq were fed by ground water, but like many of the things

London Moves Me

London is probably the only place where people will sit on stone flooring, outdoors on a cold night and watch silent movies about transport 100 years ago – was roughly how last night’s event in Trafalgar Square was introduced to

The Fugitive Futurist – or how the Thames was drained of water

I am a bit of a fan of how people in the past thought the future would look like, and my memory was recently prompted to recall a short black&white film I saw for the first time last year –

Stand on the Trafalgar Square Plinth

As you may recall from previous media stories, ubiquitous person artist, Antony Gormley is unsurprisingly using people as his medium for the empty plinth on Trafalgar Square. Every hour, 24 hours a day, for 100 days without a break beginning