Trafalgar Square - Latest news and reviews

Red Arrows to fly over London for Pride

Look to the skies this Saturday (6th July) at the Red Arrows will fly over central London.

LEGO is launching a Trafalgar Square model kit

If you fancy an architectural model of Trafalgar Square, made from LEGO, then you'll be able to have one in just a few weeks time.

Trafalgar Square to get a fifth lion next month

A red lion will be added to Trafalgar Square next month, as part of the London Design Festival.

Trafalgar Square: Everything you ever wanted to know about it

An incomplete complete list of everything you could possibly want to know about the famous (and not actually square shaped) Trafalgar square in the centre of London.

London smallest police station, in Trafalgar Square… isn’t what it’s claimed to be

You might have seen a small round cubicle on the edge of Trafalgar Square and been told it's the London's smallest police station. You might have been told that it was an idea of Sir Lionel Edwards. Both are wrong.

Go on a tour of Canada House

For two hundred years, you've been a grand stately building in a prime part of London, but just recently, holes have been knocked in your backside, and lots of modern art scattered around your grand rooms.

Modern Kazakhstani art appears next to Trafalgar Square

Apart from the political transformation, revolutions often throw up blasts of cultural output as repressed people explode in in a frenzy of creativity.

Trafalgar Square’s traffic lights change for Pride

Around 50 pedestrian traffic signals around Trafalgar Square have had their 'walk' image replaced with new diversity images as part of the celebrations for Gay Pride this coming weekend.

Ticket Alert: Tours of Canada House

The Canadian High Commission occupies a newly-renovated grand building overlooking Trafalgar Square, and is not generally open to the public to wander in.

Unbuilt London: The Trafalgar Square Blob

Today where a classical Victorian hotel stands overlooking Trafalgar Square, there should be a massive white curved pyramid -- the Blob.

Unbuilt London: Trafalgar Square as a Multi-Storey Car Park

Trafalgar Square's a big empty space isn't it. Surrounded by roads full of cars looking for somewhere to park. What a waste of space it is. Lets turn it into a car park!

Unbuilt London: A giant pyramid on Trafalgar Square

200 years ago, a plan was announced to plonk a giant pyramid in the centre of London, for no purpose other than to cock a snoot at the French.

60 mini Boris Buses to be deployed across London

A display of some of the 60 new mini Boris Buses took place in central London this morning causing more than a few heads to turn and people to point and giggle at the sight.

30th anniversary of the “monstrous carbuncle” speech

This will make some of us feel old -- it has been 30 years since Prince Charles stepped into the controversial limelight and made his famous Carbuncle speech.

Riding the night bus into London

While most people use the Night Bus to get home after a night out, a smaller number travel the other way, heading into work or travelling home against the usual flow of traffic. Waiting at the bus stop, ten minutes