Tower Bridge - Latest news, articles and photos

Tower Bridge - Latest news, articles and photos

North Sea Fishing Trawler visiting London for a few days

For the next few days, a North Sea fishing trawler will be in London – not to trawl the muddy waters for rare salmon and deprive the local cormorants of their lunch – but to let the general public have

Bale of straw to be hung from Tower Bridge

In line with ye olde traditions, if headroom of an arch on a bridge over the Thames is reduced from its usual limits, but remains open to navigation… then a bale of straw must be hung from the arch to

An early drawing of Tower Bridge

The below drawing might not look that unusual, albeit fairly obviously from an older time when the riverside was still a major port and industrial centre, but at the time it was printed – in 1886 – it was quite

Tours of a Tall Sailing Ship by Tower Bridge

UPDATE: Been informed that the sailing ship has moved to South Dock in Canary Wharf — This morning as I worked from home, I saw this from the balcony. This afternoon I wandered into town to visit a (closed) museum

Sailing Ship to pass through Tower Bridge today

The lift schedule for Tower Bridge notes that a “vessel” is due to pass through today at around 5:15pm, but doesn’t indicate what sort of ship it will be. That normally hints that it is a military vessel, but the

Viking Funerals in London?

As open-air funerals have now been – sort of – legalised, I propose the following for my own funeral. Yes, I know it is a really bad bit of photoshopping! Not only a fantastic way to leave the city, physically

Tower Bridge in the Dereliction

In the 1970’s-80s large swathes of the docklands area was left as wasteland following the development of container cargo trade – and as such there are quite a lot of photos of the area showing the wastelands left over from

The Fugitive Futurist – or how the Thames was drained of water

I am a bit of a fan of how people in the past thought the future would look like, and my memory was recently prompted to recall a short black&white film I saw for the first time last year –

Flypast over Tower Bridge

An FYI – on Friday 26th June 2009, there is due to be a flypast over Tower Bridge sometime between 12-1pm as part of the London Armed Forces Day. I haven’t been able to confirm who is doing the flypast,

Photos at the Red Arrows flypast

I dutifully wandered over to London Bridge at lunchtime to get hoped for photos of the Red Arrows flying overhead and with Tower Bridge in the shot. As I arrived, I was pleasantly shocked to see the was quite a

HMS Westminster & Tower Bridge – A photo opportunity

One for photo fans – checking the forthcoming Tower Bridge lifts, I notice that the UK naval frigate, HMS Westminster is arriving in London for a few days, and will pass under the raised Tower Bridge just before 5pm on