Tower Bridge - Latest news, articles and photos

Tower Bridge - Latest news, articles and photos

One of the last Royal Mail ships is visiting London

Next week will be a very rare chance to see one of the two remaining ocean going Royal Mail Ships on a visit to London.

Unbuilt London: The fake Venice next to Tower Bridge

Rather than full of glassy offices and a testicle, the south bank of the Thames by Tower Bridge should be a neo-Venetian folly.

A music concert underneath Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge has announced the first-ever public event to take place inside its subterranean Bascule Chamber.

Tours of a Royal Navy minesweeper

HMS Middleton, one of the Royal Navy’s Hunt Class Mine Countermeasures Vessels (MCMV) will be in London next weekend, and the ship will be open for public tours.

A bale of straw for Tower Bridge

The ancient rule that requires a bale of straw to be hung from a bridge is to be enforced from later this month.

Tower Bridge to resume Engineering Tours in the New Year

Tower Bridge has announced that it will be running its Engineering Tours again in the New Year, which is coincidentally also when the bridge has to deal with the fewest openings that can disrupt such tours.

Flying boat to fly over Tower Bridge

An exceptionally rare sight — as the UK’s only air-worthy heritage flying boat will fly along the Thames next week, and over Tower Bridge.

Tower Bridge Opens a New Exhibition

Although Tower Bridge is a permanent fixture on the list of things to visit eventually, it does also run a series of rotating displays to try and lure you in this year instead of some unknown date in the future.

Tower Bridge to get a glass floor

Last week approval was granted for 6 sheets of glass to be sliced into the walkway floor so that people up there can look down as the bridge swings up – getting a pigeon-eyes view of the mechanical motion below.

Large cargo ship passing through Tower Bridge on Friday morning

Something unusual tomorrow morning, a large cargo ship is to pass through Tower Bridge for a ceremonial naming event. It’s fairly rare for large cargo ships to pass through the Bridge now, save for the City of London’s waste containers

Tower Bridge Fireworks – Photos

If you watched the last moments of the Paralympics closing ceremony last night when the fireworks went off at Stratford, you might have seen a short clip of a small display happening at Tower Bridge as well. That was one

Two firework displays on the Thames this Sunday evening

If you are going to have a fireworks display on the river you might want to check that the timing doesn’t clash with someone else doing exactly the same thing a couple of hundred yards up the river. Yet this

The moment that I was allowed to open Tower Bridge

Yesterday, thanks to an offer from the City of London, I had a chance to do something really quite special – I was allowed to open Tower Bridge to let a cruise ship pass through. After the offer to open

Photos from the top of Tower Bridge

When tourists go up to the top of Tower Bridge to walk along the high-level walkways, they might notice that the stone uprights have another floor above where they stand, and might ponder what is up there. Thanks to a

In photos – Raising the Olympic Rings to the top of Tower Bridge

If you has also been willing to get up at an ungodly hour, then you could have seen a rather impressive bit of civil engineering take place, as a large set of Olympic Rings was hoisted up to the top

Photos – Helicopters flying through Tower Bridge

A large number of people enjoying the evening sunshine, and a modest number of those in the know were treated to the rare sight of a couple of helicopters flying through Tower Bridge last night. Two helicopters – one filming,

Helicopter to fly through Tower Bridge

One of those routine Port of London Authority notices that makes you sigh, open to see what it is then sit up and type WHAT is very loud letters. Such moments are why I subscribe to them – for those

A chance to go into Tower Bridge’s hidden Bascule Chambers

Although it has been possible for group tours to go down under Tower Bridge and into the Bascule Chambers, it hasn’t been an option for the individual visitor. Until now. But what are the Bascule Chambers? They are two vast