Tower Bridge - Latest news, articles and photos

Tower Bridge - Latest news, articles and photos

Behind the scenes tours of Tower Bridge

Normally limited to winter months when things are a bit quieter — the behind the scenes tours have resumed at Tower Bridge.

Unbuilt London: Replacing Tower Bridge with a tunnel

Considering how iconic Tower Bridge is as a symbol of London, it’s difficult to believe that just 50 years ago there were plans to replace it with a tunnel.

Tickets Alert: Behind the scenes at Tower Bridge

This winter there’s a chance to go deep inside Tower Bridge to see the mechanisms that make it work and the huge bascule chambers that sits below river level.

Experimental hydrogen powered boat visiting London

This coming Thursday evening (3rd Oct) will be a chance to see an experimental boat passing under Tower Bridge.

Tickets Alert: Evening history talks inside Tower Bridge

To celebrate 125 years of Tower Bridge, it will be hosting a series of one-off talks inside the the South Tower.

Three historic documents go on show

Underneath the Guildhall art gallery is a small space that currently has three historic documents on display.

Special events to mark Tower Bridge’s 125th anniversary

At the end of this month, the famous bridge will mark it’s 125th anniversary, and is offering entry for just £1.25 all weekend.

One of the final Royal Mail ships is visiting London

Next week will be a very rare chance to see the last of the government’s ocean-going Royal Mail Ships on a visit to London.

The day German U-Boats passed under Tower Bridge

One hundred years ago, four German submarines slipped through Tower Bridge and into the Port of London, heart of the city’s cargo trade.

Tickets Alert: Behind the scenes tours of Tower Bridge

This winter, the behind the scenes tours of Tower Bridge return, offering access into the engineering spaces, and the huge bascule chambers under the main bridge.

Woolwich ferry to pass through Tower Bridge

Next Saturday marks (possibly) the very last time that the current Woolwich Ferry will pass through Tower Bridge.

How to get into Tower Bridge for a Quid

A new Community Ticket has been launched that lets local residents into Tower Bridge for just £1 per person.

Watch a video and sound event underneath Tower Bridge

The huge empty bascule chamber underneath Tower Bridge is the setting for a video projection & sound installation inspired by the Blitz photography of Arthur Cross & Fred Tibbs.

Music concerts underneath Tower Bridge

The huge Bascule Chambers underneath Tower Bridge are to be again turned into a music venue for a few days.

Tickets Alert: Music in a subterranean chamber under Tower Bridge

Underneath Tower Bridge are two huge empty chambers, but later this month they will be filled with music.

Pour your memories into a Tower Bridge Time Capsule

There is a chance to have a personal item locked into a time capsule and buried under the pavement on Tower Bridge

The world’s largest Lego bridge goes on display in London

With a length of 34 metres, a massive suspension bridge made from Lego bricks has gone on display in London.

Catching the Tower Bridge free ferry

It was supposed to happen last weekend, but didn’t. It was supposed to happen yesterday, but didn’t. It is supposed to happen next weekend, but wont.